Detox Juice Tricolour

You already know that I enjoy the naughty things in life; Champagne, chocolate, brownies, burgers, cheese… the list is endless.

But I like to keep the balance when it comes to the healthy stuff.

Fruit & veg cocktails are a really great way to do this.

Detox juices aren’t just for January, they’re for life. Keep drinking these & you’ll notice a remarkable difference in your health, skin, hair & nails. Even your eyes will sparkle a little brighter & you’ll be one of those annoying people who never get sick.

Of course there are a bajillion (approx.) juice recipes out there, but these are my three favourites to get you going.

First, I’m afraid, you’re going to have to invest in a juicer.

Like all electronics, they vary hugely price wise. You can spend anything from £30 – £300.

There are 3 main differences between the cheapies & the pricey ones.

1. How much juice & goodness you get from the fruit. The better the juicer, the more it will extract, the more nutrients you’ll get & the less it will waste (meaning you’ll spend less on ingredients).

2. Chopping & peeling. If you plump for a cheaper model, you’re going to have to chop & peel your fruit and veg. Not a huge hardship, just a bit of a hassle.

3. Volume. Little juicers will make you a glass, a beast of a juicer will make you a jug!

I’ve had lots in the past, but my battleship of choice is the ‘Philips Advance Juicer‘ (usually £200 but £129 on Amazon).

It’s big without been unsightly, I don’t have to chop or peel anything, super easy to clean & hardly wastes any of the fruit at all.

If you want an extra kick up the backside, you’re also going to need to take a trip to your local health food shop. These three bad-ass little super heroes will supe up your juices & keep you in tip-top condition, whatever you get up to.

Grab a bag of: Wheatgrass powder – detoxifies blood, improves reproductive health, aids weight loss, improves skin & muscle tone, lowers cholesterol, etc.

Spirulina powder – anti ageing, great for eyes/vision, seriously great for immune systems, detoxifies blood, etc.

& some Acidophilus capsules – unbelievably awesome for digestive health, helps with indigestion & IBS, lowers cholesterol, fights cancer, etc.

Ok, so my first recipe is the The Prince Harry: 2 carrots 2 apples Third of a lemon (skin on) Thumb sized chunk of ginger 1 capsule acidophilus Ice Juice everything, open up capsule, pour in powder, stir, pour over ice.

My second recipe is Godzilla Juice: 1/4 of a pineapple 2 sticks of celery 1/4 cucumber 1/2 lime 2 apples 1 heaped tsp wheatgrass powder 1 level tsp spirulina 1 capsule acidophilus Ice

Juice everything, add your powders, stir the hell out of it, or mix/blend if you can.

Serve over ice. Try not to destroy any Asian cities.

Ok, our final juice is the The Twilight Cooler. 2 apples 1 large raw beetroot 1 large carrot 1 orange 2 sticks celery 1 tsp wheatgrass powder 1 capsule acidophilus Ice Juice all the fruit, add your powders, mix thoroughly, serve over ice. Good enough to satisfy any bloodthirsty, sparkly vampire.

If you want more juice recipes give The Funky Fresh Juice Book by Jason Vale a go. He should keep you going all year long.

If you have your own killer detox recipes please share them in the comments, I’d love to give some a go!

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