Salted Chocolate Truffles

Also fondly known as… Chocolate Salty Balls! 

I whipped these little love nuggets up for a dinner party last night. 

A table full of chocolate lovers eyed me suspiciously as I handed them round. 

“Salt & chocolate? She’s finally lost it” I saw them thinking. 

I made them wait until everyone had one in their hands. 

On the count of three, I said, pop the whole thing in your mouth. 




With a few smirks & giggles, we all placed one on our tongue. 

First there was silence. 

Then the eye rolling, moaning & oh wows began. 

They couldn’t believe it. 

I could. 

I hate dark chocolate as I find it too harsh, but the salt works its little butt off to neutralise the bitterness. Bizarrely it gives it an incredible sweet, rich flavour. 

These truffles are deliciously easy to make, wildly impressive & will pack a chocolatey punch you wont soon forget. 

To make yours, you’ll need: 

300g good quality dark chocolate (70% cocoa)
300ml double cream
60g unsalted butter
300g good quality milk chocolate
Maldon rock salt
Break up your chocolate & place it into a bowl.

Now, put your butter & cream into a saucepan over a medium heat.
Keep stirring & heat gently until the butter has melted.

Once combined, pour over your broken chocolate.

Stir gently until you have a smooth, glossy mixture. 

Now you’ll need to chill it.
Leave your mixture to cool and then pop it in the fridge for at least 3 hours, or overnight if you like.
When you get it out, grab a teaspoon and dig in.
Grab a heaped teaspoon sized amount and roll it into a ball.
Remember, people have to be able to pop the whole thing in their mouths with ease.

Place them on a baking tray lined with foil (this will help with cleaning later).
Keep going until you run out of chocolate or patience.

Don’t worry if a few are a bit misshapen, that’s how you know they’re home made!
Place the tray in the fridge to firm up.
Now you can get on with your coating.
In a bain-marie melt your milk chocolate & stir until smooth.

Using two toothpicks, carefully dunk your truffles into the molten chocolate.
Give them a quick wiggle to get rid of the excess & place onto your tray.
Once you’ve coated them all, sprinkle your salt.
You don’t want a lot, just enough for a couple of flakes on each ball.

Place them back in the refrigerator to chill. 

After about an hour they should be ready to rock. 

Serve them in a little bowl, a teacup or pop into a ribboned box as a gift. 

Decadently rich, melt in your mouth truffles, with a twist!
Let’s be honest, can you resist offering up Chocolate Salty Balls at your next dinner party?

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