Tresemme Split Remedy Review

Last week I was invited to the pre-launch of a new product by Tresemme.

It’s a shiny new range which claimed to ‘mend split ends and tame frizz’…

I know what you’re thinking… “That old chestnut”.

I was similarly sceptical.

However, after a few uses I really did see a difference.

My hair is much smoother, softer and easier to straighten, it doesn’t even break at the ends anymore.

There’s a visible difference in my split ends, which I imagine will only improve with use.

My Londoner motto is: If I don’t love it, I wont blog it. The new ‘Split Remedy’ range gave me the same results as a Brazilian blow dry at a tenth of the price. It hits the shelves next week, so be sure get your frizzy wee mitts on the range (particularly the leave in conditioner and the syrum). Miracle workers.

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