Restaurant Ours

When your friends come to stay you inevitably want to spoil them.

To show them such a good time that they’ll never want to leave!

Sadly I didn’t quite manage to make Valentina move back to London, but while she was here we certainly did have a hoot and made more than a few memories for the bank.

One of which being dinner in Chelsea.

Having lost all track of time making music videos on Snapchat, we suddenly realised we had a grand total of 12 minutes to get ready.

What do you wear when time is of the essence?

Black. All black, baby.

Restaurant Ours-1

Silk shirt dress (on sale here) // Needle & Thread Leather jacket

Chanel Boy Bag // Louboutin slingbacks (sold out)

Silver May Sparkler ring

Restaurant Ours-2

Off we raced to try a new hot spot.

Chef Tom Sellers is a bit of a culinary hero to me. His restaurant Story is one of the most magical foodie experiences I’ve ever had the good fortune to enjoy.

The tasting menu is stunning, whimsical, surprising and utterly delicious. My chap took me there for my first visit when it first opened, and ever since I’ve taken everyone I can wrestle over to East London.

So I was understandably somewhat excited to hear that he was opening a new spot on our side of town.

Restaurant Ours is in Chelsea, where Collection used to be. (Seasoned party goers will recognise the entrance!)

Restaurant Ours-3

We repressed memories of old parties and crazy nights that started in Collection and made our way inside to see its reincarnation.

Restaurant Ours-4

So far so good!

The place is surprisingly enormous, with the whole restaurant being set up to watch the kitchen.

Restaurant Ours-5

We started with the much Instagrammed crudité.

Restaurant Ours-6

Restaurant Ours-7

Bread warm from the oven and whipped, salted butter.

Restaurant Ours-8

Garlicky breafcrumbed razor clams, tasty but somewhat shown up by the exceptional scallops.

Restaurant Ours-9

Perfectly cooked and swimming in a herby lemon butter.

Restaurant Ours-10

Oysters and chilled champagne.

Restaurant Ours-11

Exceptionally good sashimi with a Sellers twist, a fragrant green sauce reminiscent of everything we had in Denmark.

Fresh, light and very delicate.

Now, as someone who often slices up avocados for breakfast, the next course was something of a heartbreaker…

Restaurant Ours-12

How the hell have they managed to form sliced avo into a rose? With slices cuddled up in couples, no less!

We scooped on the accompanying caviar and cream cheese, and devoured the lot.

Restaurant Ours-13

Having never had caviar and avocado together we were both quite impressed.

A beautiful, creamy rich texture with just a gentle hint of the sea as the salty pearls burst on your tongue.

This could become an expensive habit!

Restaurant Ours-14

Another light and exceptionally fresh course, raw scallops, fingerling lime and pickles.

Followed by something not quite so light…

Restaurant Ours-15

The best truffle pasta I’ve had in a very long time.

Swimming, nay! Drowning in a sea of truffled cream, which we shamelessly spooned dry.

Restaurant Ours-16

Restaurant Ours-17

The salmon wasn’t such a success, and the less said about the cauliflower the better.

But all in all, a delicious meal and something a bit different for Chelsea.

“Ours” is nothing like “Story”. It’s a different animal completely, so don’t go expecting a Michelin experience.

If you want a fun new place for a big group on a Friday night, or dinner with a friend before heading off to party then it’s the perfect spot.

Try and book a table after 8/9 or it’s a bit of an odd crowd before. Reservations here.


Restaurant Ours-20

Whatever you do, just make sure you finish with coffee and doughnuts.

Restaurant Ours-21

Freshly fried, you pull them out of their fairground bag, ready to dunk!

Restaurant Ours-22

Sorry chef, they’re not yours.

They’re Ours.

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  • I remember when this place used to be the Collection, I have to say that its new incarnation looks fabulous – looking forward to trying Tom Seller’s cuisine there

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  • I wonder why it’s had such bad reviews, it looks great to me! I also have so many memories of nights at Collection.

  • Okay the doughnuts sold me on this place! And that dress is so gorgeous, I love the lace detailing.

    Laura x |

  • The food looks amazing! I especially love the avo rose. I went to sushi making class and tried to play with avo but never succeeded.

  • Love your shoes! // The entrance is beautiful 😮 // The avocado+cream cheese+caviar looks sooo delicious! Avocado roses don’t seem that hard to make; I found a tutorial on Youtube! **sorry for the preview, idk how to get rid of it** -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • Oh wow. This looks absolutely stunning, definitely dough nut want to miss out on this! Immy x

  • This food looks divine! You always find the best hot spots in London!

  • Wow, another stunningly delicious and beautiful post . . . You might not be able to convinced Mademoiselle Valentina to move to Londres … But you have certainly got me wanting to move back to France to I can be easily near such great locations for such fantastique food! You won, say no more, I will just have to do it! 🙂

    Loving your fabulous post! Such beautiful clothes and marvelous food! 🙂

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  • I’m sold on the pretty cocktails and delicious looking small plates to start. And who doesn’t like a fresh warm doughnut!
    Vicky xx

  • Sophia W.

    The truffle pasta looks divine ! And not bad you two for only have 12 minutes to get ready xx Another great post as always Rosie

  • Rennie Jiang

    Looks so delicious! I’m afraid it’s a little out of my price range D: (I’m a poor high school student, cries). I absolutely love your dress!


  • I haven’t read incredible reviews about this place. I had taken it off of my wish list, but your photos look amazing so maybe it should go back on… 🙂

  • Well now I’m hungry! Everything looks delightful and it’s only a short walk away from my flat! Can’t wait to try it out!

  • ahh looks like such a delicious meal — can’t wait to try it out! xx Maren

  • Jeanne

    Lovely! Watching the kitchen is Great – the food looks divine.

  • Andrea

    I always wonder how many people eat with you 😀

  • Love your all black outfit! Perfect when you are short on time! 🙂

  • Ooo! The food looks amazing! 🙂

  • Oh hello beautiful food! What sort of budget is it to dine out there Rosie? Would you say it’s for a special occasion/date? Stunning pics of your diner and you and Valentina. Julie xx

  • This outfit is a simple definition of perfection. When looking quickly, it seems simple and put together, but once you take the time to see all of the details from the lace on the dress, to the stitching on the bag, and to the toe on the shoes, you can see how well this outfit was put together and how every piece was specifically picked! This outfit isn’t overwhelming at all especially with all the detail and that balance is very difficult to find. Great look!

  • The scallops & that truffle pasta have me drooling!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • I really wanted to try it here, but all the bad reviews put me off, I think it looks really nice though, so will have to test it out for myself! x

  • Love the lace detailing on the dress!

  • maidannutengaracasteddu

    I was there last friday…food really good (chips as good as heston blumental’s), fantastic cocktails (I had a delicious improved aviation) …don’t miss the incredibly light souffle…the night before I was been in Casa Brindisa…have you ever tried their fantastic roast octopus? Tender and savoury, a kind of grilled “pulpo gallego”, one of my best ever ….and I’m from sardinia,

  • Oooh, looks fabulous! <3

  • Looks heart wrenchingly expensive, but awesome af! Valentina would have been so happy to be taken there.