Mother’s Day

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I haven’t written to you much recently as I’ve been lost in a world of lavender baby baths, cashmere blankets and teeny tiny pyjamas. I’ll admit it’s not a bad place to be lost!

Today is my first Mothering Sunday as a mother and I couldn’t let it pass without wishing you a very happy Mother’s Day too.

Lily has filled a hole in my heart I never even knew was there. She has brought me closer than ever to my own mother and to the memory of hers.

“Before we were conceived, we existed in part as an egg in our mother’s ovary.
All the eggs a woman will ever carry form in her ovaries while she is a four-month-old fetus in the womb of her mother.
This means our cellular life as an egg begins in the womb of our grandmother.
Each of us spent five months in our grandmother’s womb and she in turn formed within the womb of her grandmother. 
We vibrate to the rhythms of our mother’s blood before she herself is born.
And this pulse is the thread of blood that runs all the way back through the grandmothers to the first mother.”

When the drummers were women by Layne Redmond 

This week Lily treated me to the greatest gift I’ve ever received. Her first smile!

It came just when I needed it most, after a very, very long day. So it’s safe to say, she’ll be able to wrap me round her middle finger for years to come.

I look forward to every second of it.

To all the Mums out there, Happy Mother’s Day! Whatever stage you’re at, remember that your best is enough and a beautiful thing is never perfect.

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