Pumpkin Pickin’

While staying at Wriggly Tin this time, we ventured a little further afield than usual.

And by further afield than usual I mean we actually left our field, and headed out into the wider countryside!

Stumbling upon an idillic sleepy little village called Slindon.

Complete with higgledy piggledy cottages, one cafe, a charming churchyard, and a pottery.

And a pumpkin farm.

Home to every sort of pumpkin, squash and gourd you could possibly imagine.

And one more for good luck!

Run by a charming elderly couple, there are pumpkins of every shape, colour and size.

And each has a hand written recipe suggestion for how you might enjoy them.

We left with arm fulls, depositing them in the car, before continuing our stroll around the achingly British little village.

Complete with tumbledown pottery…

…and potter working away inside!

Felling pretty gourd about our haul and tired out from trotting up and down the hilly streets of Slindon, we’d decided it was time for a break.

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So headed home to our cosy little Tin.

For tea and crumpets.

Toasted on the fire.

Slathered in butter, sprinkled with a little salt and topped with jam.

Washed down with Earl Grey.

And eaten happily with butter dripping down chins onto the Sunday papers below.

An idillic afternoon in the Great British countryside!

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