Prosecco al Fresco, London

When the sun shines in London you really can’t beat a roof terrace!

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the streets below, up in the cool breeze.

Maybe with a few flamingos running around.

Yea, flamingos!

London Roof Terrace-1

London Roof Terrace-2

Kensington Roof Gardens is certainly not new, but I still think it’s worth a post.

If you’re from out of town, you have friends who are, or perhaps you’ve just forgotten about it, this is a friendly little nudge of a reminder.

It’s gorgeous up there!

London Roof Terrace-3

And yes, there are flamingos!

London Roof Terrace-4

Dapper chaps, all dressed in Pink.

Like any good Kensington gent.

London Roof Terrace-5

London Roof Terrace-6

There are blooms and blossom in abundance.

London Roof Terrace-7

An Instagramer’s dream come true.

And a must for any pawn star.

London Roof Terrace-8

Ok, so the bar itself is horribly dated and not somewhere you’d want to chill out.

But the gardens more than make up for it.

London Roof Terrace-9

London Roof Terrace-10

London Roof Terrace-11

Next time the sun blazes down on London town, get up there and grab a bottle of something cold and bubbly.

London Roof Terrace-12

You can wander the wonderland with glass in hand.

London Roof Terrace-13

Green embroidered dress

Leather handbag // Leather sandals

London Roof Terrace-14

London Roof Terrace-15

Or just sit back and snooze.

London Roof Terrace-16

Summer in London done just right.

London Roof Terrace-17

And I’ll always fly the flag for a few cocktails in the sunshine!

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