SKATE at Somerset House, 2015

Fortnum & Mason’s marvellous Christmas pop up “SKATE” is back!

Somerset House’s magical courtyard is once again coated in ice, dusted in fairy lights, and alive with the sound of festive carols.

Bella and I popped over to the launch, and had a very ice evening indeed.

Christmas in London

Dressed in winter woolies;

Navy blue coat (HS version) // Bandana print scarf

Red bus jumper (on sale!) // Skinny jeans

Black tote // Black boots

Gal Meets Glam necklace

Sparkling necklace // Gold blossom ring

SKATE at Somerset House, London

SKATE at Somerset House-4

A band played on the balcony overlooking the ice.

Their music flooding the cobbled courtyard.

Somerset House ice rink

Red coated barmen waltzed around the square with mugs of hot cider, while one chap in white poured us something significantly cooler…

Ice bar

Iced martini

Even Mr Bond would have to approve of one of these!

SKATE at Somerset House-8

Somerset House christmas tree

The famous tree stands proudly in the middle.

Though some of us were less interested in the decorations, and keen to get their skates on.

SKATE at Somerset House-10

We pulled our blades on, laced them up, and took to the ice!

SKATE at Somerset House-11

SKATE at Somerset House-12

SKATE at Somerset House-13

Christmas skating in London

Matching jumpers! (30% off)

Christmas skating!

London Christmas jumpers

Some with significantly more grace than others.

SKATE at Somerset House

Skating in Somerset House

Bella practiced her tricks.

And I just about managed mine (which is the little known art of “remaining upright”)

Cosy London jumper

The music played, the crowd swirled around us like snowflakes in a storm and we laughed until we quite literally couldn’t stand up!

Which is really why we all come out for this, even if it is only once a year.

SKATE at Somerset House-20

SKATE at Somerset House-21

SKATE band

Back on steady ground, performers roamed the courtyard.

SKATE at Somerset House-23

The crowed chattered and snapped away.

Christmas snaps

The wind howled.

SKATE at Somerset House-25

And we went in search of nibbles!

Fortnum advent calendar

GIANT Christmas advent calendar

SKATE at Somerset House-28

Settling on well stuffed pork brioche buns, slathered in apple sauce.

SKATE at Somerset House-29

Topped off with a little retro karaoke in the bar.

SKATE at Somerset House-30

SKATE at Somerset House-31

SKATE at Somerset House-32

I can’t remember what we were singing along to now.

But really there are only three lines you need at this time of year.

All together now! 

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

*jingling of bells*

SKATE is on until Jan, so get your skates on and go!

Deets and tickets online here, and as always, send me a snap!

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