Behind The Scenes, LFW

For me, the most fascinating side of almost any event is what happens behind the scenes.

They say that any good hostess should seem like a swan, gliding calmly and beautifully along the surface… and you’ll never see the frantic paddling that goes on beneath.

This sums up Fashion Week beautifully.

And a special glimpse behind that velvet curtain is one of very few things that will have me up with the sun on a Sunday morning!

London Fashion Week-1

Net-A-Porter very kindly sent over one of their beautiful London taxis to make sure I made it to all the shows.

London Fashion Week-2

The cabs are emblazoned with their “same day delivery” campaign.

If you’re in London or NYC you can order an outfit in the morning and have it hanging in your wardrobe in the afternoon (a service which has saved my bacon many a time!)

The first show of the day was just by Tower Bridge, at City Hall. We couldn’t resist snapping a few frames in the gorgeous golden light and swirling mists.

London Fashion Week-3

London truly is utterly magical at this time of year.

London Fashion Week-4

Stella coat // little cami (underneath)

Leather jeans // Button up boots

Lanvin Sugar bag

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I climbed to the top of City Hall (ok, I stood in the lift yawning) and emerged into a fashion tornado.

London Fashion Week-5

A hive of activity as beautiful people pinned, sewed, primped and preened more beautiful people, and beautiful garments.

London Fashion Week-6

Preened being the key word there.

Welcome to the backstage world of Preen by Preen By Thornton Bregazzi.

London Fashion Week-7

Delicate lace dresses wafted around the rails, one misdirected sneeze and they might have lost the lot!

London Fashion Week-8

I stepped through an open door and discovered the view.

London Fashion Week-10

Leaving the madness inside,

London Fashion Week-9

I soaked in the morning light for a beat or two.

London Fashion Week-11

I always think looking down on the world from somewhere up high is great for gaining perspective.

If anything feels like it’s getting too much, life is too complicated, or you just can’t keep up… take a look down and really see the world.

See how small everyone looks and how many of us there are.

Remembering that everyone feels the same way now and again, everyone is just muddling through the best they can and that no-one has it all figured out, is a cheering thought!

London Fashion Week-12

Just imagine how many people fit into those tall buildings.

Imagine how many people think that their problems are vast and unsurmountable, but when you look at the big picture… those problems really don’t matter at all. Those same people won’t even be able to remember what they were worried about this time next year.

A good morning coffee helps too!

London Fashion Week-13

Fully fuelled up (a flakey croissant accompanied the caffeine) I ducked back inside to watch the machine at work.

London Fashion Week-14

Stripes and sequins?

Love at first sight!

London Fashion Week-15

London Fashion Week-16

Fully preened, the girls were dressed and documented.

I won’t share the whole collection, to save your scrolling hand, but just a few of my favourites.

London Fashion Week-17

London Fashion Week-18

London Fashion Week-19

London Fashion Week-20

London Fashion Week-21

London Fashion Week-22

London Fashion Week-23

London Fashion Week-24

Once the girls were ready, the photographers were unleashed.

London Fashion Week-25

London Fashion Week-26

London Fashion Week-27

London Fashion Week-28

London Fashion Week-29

I couldn’t quite keep the line “Meanwhile in the Capitol…” from my mind.

London Fashion Week-30

London Fashion Week-31

London Fashion Week-32

London Fashion Week-33

London Fashion Week-34

The girls, stylists and I were shepherded downstairs for the final show prep.

London Fashion Week-35

^ The coat that sparked a hundred Instagrams with the same caption; “Check mate.”

London Fashion Week-36

London Fashion Week-37

London Fashion Week-38

London Fashion Week-39

London Fashion Week-40

And then, all at once, it was time for the show to begin.

I raced across London, over to Soho and grabbed a spot of breakfast before the next show.

London Fashion Week-41

Dean St Townhouse is always a good option if you need a quick bite in the area.

And then onto the show space.

London Fashion Week-42

London Fashion Week-43

Where all the peacocks of London come out to play!

London Fashion Week-45

London Fashion Week-46

London Fashion Week-47

London Fashion Week-48

London Fashion Week-49

London Fashion Week-50

London Fashion Week-51

London Fashion Week-52

London Fashion Week-53

London Fashion Week-54

I watched a few more shows, my favourite of which being ISSA.

Backless dress of my dreams @issalondon #LFW

A video posted by Rosie Londoner (@rosielondoner) on

(Press play ^) Those flowing fabrics and backless dresses? Be still my beating heart!

After such a long post I really feel you deserve a cuppa, so I’ll share more tomorrow.

Make me one too?

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