What’s The Point Of It? – Martin Creed

This is the most fun I have ever had in an art gallery.

Marina & I popped down to The Hayward Gallery to check out a retrospective of Turner Prize winner, Martin Creed’s art work.

Inside the gallery is chockablock with a seemingly random collection of whimsical objects.

From a HUGE spinning “Mothers” sign, surrounded by ticking metronomes.

To a row of cacti.

There’s even a film of a slowly erecting penis on a huge billboard sized screen, in front of the London Eye… which I’ll let you enjoy(?) for yourself, in person.

The best bit though, out of the 160 works on show, is the room of balloons.

Called “Half the Air in a Given Space”, it’s a glass room within a room. Stuffed with big, white balloons it captures half the air in the room inside white latex.

You dive in and close the door behind you.

We went in all by ourselves and got lost almost immediately!

‘You experience claustrophobia and childlike lightness in about equal measure’ says Creed.

Thankfully we just enjoyed a childlike lightness and euphoria. An experience I so wish I could share with you! But photos will have to do…

But it does all get a little much after a while!

So we moved on to the rest of the gallery.

Filled with humour, wit and utter weirdness it’s one of the best exhibitions I’ve been to in a long time.

There’s something truly exceptional about art that can elate you and make you genuinely feel something when you interact with it.

I’m still not entirely sure what the point of it is… and I sort of like that. Sometimes it’s ok to just enjoy something and not know why.

We both wore pieces from Marina’s new collection. Her t-shirt, my dress and our other goodies can be found here…

What’s The Point Of It?” is open until the 27th April and I highly recommend a trip.

Go on, send this to your silliest friends and suggest a visit, right now. You wont regret it!

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