Sunday Feasting

Boom Boom Room has always been one of my favourite places in New York.

Nestled at the top of The Standard it boasts the best views of downtown, serves the best cocktails and has a beautiful, well heeled crowd (perfect for people watching/snooping).

I happened to arrive on the same weekend that they launched their Sunday Brunch service. There was nothing for it, we were going to have to spend our Sunday morning worshipping at the alter of brunch, way up in the clouds.

PJ, Yu & I agreed to meet at 12.30.

Yu was running late so we kicked off with a couple of cocktails.

And then got peckish so started without her.

Spinach & poached egg.

Perfect, perfect fries. With béarnaise for dipping.

Wagyu beef steak.

Baby burgers.

Hands down one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. Really excellent meat swaddled in a rich brioche. A harmony of flavour & textures that’s hard to find.

Finally Yu arrived and got stuck in too.

To truffle pasta with a poached egg & a side of salad.

Washed down with a few bubbles.

We sat like fat, happy cats & bathed in the sun streaming through the windows.

Chatted about work, love, family and travels.

I heartily recommend the new brunch at Boom Boom if you’re looking for something fancy to do one Sunday. It is quite pricey though, and you have to book.

Phone: 212-645-4646 Email: newyork@standardhotel.com

Just make sure you take a #selfie in the bathrooms, they’re epic!

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Now, if you’re looking for something a little less fancy but still painfully cool, then you might want to take a trip to Brooklyn.

Williamsburg to be exact.

Here, every weekend you’ll find Smorgasburg. A collection of market stalls and street food vendors, selling everything from furniture, soap, action figures and leather jackets to tacos and brisket.

For now they’re indoors, but from next week they’ll be out on the waterfront.

In my humble opinion, Mighty Quinn’s BBQ are the real winners here. Serving up some of the best BBQ food in NYC. Even the “small” brisket sandwich is generously piled high.

Slathered in bbq sauce, chillies & pickles and shoved into a bun.

Melt in the mouth, slow smoked meat in a rich, tangy sauce.


But don’t fill up too early, there’s lots more to come!

Red Hook Lobster Pound are there knocking up their famous lobster rolls and lobbo mac and cheese.

And there’s more Mexican on offer than you can shake a stick at.

Once you’ve gorged yourselves and can eat no more, take a stroll around and snag yourself some vintage gems.

It runs from 11am to 6pm every weekend. Check the website for details & location stuff.

Most places accept cards but take cash to speed the process along a bit, it also means you can haggle a little more with the stall owners.

After sunset we headed back to Manhattan.

My grin is down to it being my second ever ride on the subway, the first being the way there.

This makes me pretty much a local now, right?!

We spent our last evening by the fire at The Waverly Inn.

A relaxed little pub like spot where pictures aren’t allowed but an evening spent with a bottle of wine and a few nibbles is actively encouraged.

Of course a little vino only makes fairy lights more enchanting.

Thank you for having me, New York.

I loved every second of my stay and will see you again, very soon indeed.

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