Christmas Gift Guide 2013

Christmas is almost here!

I’m so sorry it’s taken me SO long to get a gift guide up this year. I know a few eager (scarily organised) beavers have been asking for it for some time now.

Hopefully it was worth the wait. It’s quite a long one so grab a cuppa, sit back and let your mouse do all the hard work.

No over crowded stores for you, you clever thing!

Some of the goodies are for my loved ones and some are for yours.

I think I’ve thought of everyone, but I’ll be adding to it over the next couple of days.

Happy shopping!

A lucky button pendant from Aunt Sponge.

They come in silver and gold, or she can always make you something bespoke! Perfect for anyone who needs a little boost of luck, and love going into the New Year.

£80 from Aunt Sponge

Let them recline by the fire, perhaps on a bear skin rug, while swirling their ice sphere around their glass and reciting obscure, erotic poetry.

Ice spheres melt slower than cubes, meaning less dilution and significantly more “cool” factor.

On the rocks glass and ice-sphere mould £13 from IWOOT

Lazy Days travel backgammon.

A luxury, personalised backgammon set for the jet-setting-competitive-beach-bum.

£165 from Nobel McMillan

Kindle Paper White for book worms. Whether they read under the duvet or in blazing sunshine, this little cracker will work. Kind to eyes and stores more books than they could even lift, never mind carry!

£170 from Amazon.

Wrap it in a classic book cover £25 from Klevercase.

Any competitive family member will love this Monopoly/Cluedo set. Take over London, then kill off the rest of the family in your mansion! Mwaahahaha!

£69 from John Lewis

Bag for the reluctant (or very keen) gym bunny.

£16 by Hey Holla

For the squidgy little nuggets enjoying their first Christmases, how about a cosy cuddle suit?

Star fleece baby wrap £25 from NOTHS

The ultimate gift… the gift of a kick-ass den!

Works well as a gift to share, too. £100 by Battlebox

Bigger kids can find their own den inspiration in the rather wonderful coffee table book “Rock The Shack”. It takes a look into impressive dens and sheds all over the world.

Rock The Shack £26 on Amazon

All other gifts with Paleo in Comparisson to this dinosaur cookie set!

£10 from Modcloth

The ultimate satchel.

Technically for sale on a menswear website, but would be equally lovely for a girl who wanted a bag to fit her laptop in too.

Gorgeous satchel by J.Crew £305

Bacon jam is THE BOMB.

Chilli jam is THE BOMB.

This stuff, surely must be awesome in nuclear proportions, right?!

£4.29 from Selfridges

Taking of bombs, this is the most delicious men’s fragrance.

Spicy, rich, smooth and very, very sexy. Just like the man in your life, eh?

Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf £47

I remember wanting a Furby SO much as a kid.

I never got one, and subsequently have been scarred for life.

The new ones are even cooler than the ones from when I was a kid! These interact with your phone & iPad. They lay eggs and you have to raise them right.

I want one more than ever.

Furby Boom £75

A rose tutu for the little Darcey in your life.

1-12 years£55 from Selfridges

I was given a box of Therapie’s products a few months ago. They sat on my shelf for a couple of weeks before I finally tried them… I don’t usually say this about beauty products, but these are life changingly brilliant.

The scent is unlike anything I’ve used before and leaves you feeling relaxed, uplifted and like you’ve just spent a vast amount of money in a very expensive spa.

The Discovery Kit £40 would make the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a little pampering.

This lens mug is sure to tickle any shutter bug’s fancy.

£8.99 from IWOOT

This beginners Ukulele would be a brilliant gift for almost anyone!

A kid who wants to learn a musical instrument, a teen who needs a new hobby, a boy who wants to impress the girls (and vice versa), a parent who wants something to master before wowing at the campfire next summer, a toy for someone who thinks they’re too much of an old dog to learn new tricks.

There are lots of tutorials online. This could be the start of something beautiful!

£18 from Amazon

A classic gift with a twist.

Paul Smith’s Beetle cufflinks £80 from Mr Porter

Monogrammed mugs from Anthropology.

Who doesn’t love a good mug?

They even have limited edition Christmas gold ones for £8

If your mum is anything like mine, she’ll LOVE a good apron.

I have to admit even I’m lusting after that lemon number…

£34 from Anthro

For every clipper bag purchased, Elephant Branded will donate a school bag to a child in Africa or Asia. And for every purse or wallet bought, a child will receive a stationery kit.

So you’re not just shopping for your loved ones, you’re helping other people’s little loved ones too!

Recycled Clipper Bag £45 from John Lewis

Clippy Kit Bags were MASSIVE when I was in school.

I still remember choosing the photos to display with all the seriousness of Mrs Wintour compiling the September Issue.

Great gift for girls of all ages who want something a little different to show off their creativity.

£24 by Clippy

As we all know, the very best things in life aren’t things.

The gift of an experience is one that will be very hard to forget! Especially if it’s white water rafting, racecar driving or a spy day.

Thrill Seeker Red Letter Day £120

On the other hand if they’re more of a cuddler than a speed demon, why not send them to get up close and personal with some red pandas?

They’ll be allowed inside the enclosure to meet the fluff balls, which are incredibly tactile so be prepared for them to clamber all over!

Meeting red pandas experience day £98

If they’re the outdoorsy type, what better gift could you possibly give them, than the gift of fire?

Even Bear Grylls would be thrilled to find this little trinket in his stocking (you’re imagining Bear Grylls in stockings now, aren’t you?)

Fire Starter £12

If you’ve got a bit of a competitive card shark to buy for, take a peek at this.

It’s a luxury poker kit in a gorgeous leather briefcase, with their initials stamped on the front in gold.

I happen to know that a certain little brother of mine would flip his lid over this…

Poker set £499 from Nobel Macmillan

This is just the sort of thing I’d have loved as a kid.

It’s a hand carved English oak swing. It’s not cheap, but it will last forever!

£365 by Marnie Moyle

This huge be-buttoned snood is so delicious I can’t cope.

It’s top of my Christmas list. It comes in all sorts of colours and will never go out of style… although I probably wouldn’t wear it in August, might look a bit odd.

Knitted Button Snood £59 by EKA

Of course, if you really want to steal Christmas and pull out a show stopper… Harrods has you covered.

A YSL dream that will take her from winter blues right into Spring’s pastel trends.

Expect a lot of squealing, hugs, maybe a tear or two…. and a slightly lighter wallet.

Saint Laurent bag £1,385 from Harrods

Calorie Cuvee is a home-grown little American company. Laura was a stay at home mum, who had a cracking little idea for a wine glass that shows you how many calories you’re sinking.

Of course sometimes you just have to fill it up and say “Who cares?”

A great gift for any wine lover.

$20 from Calorie Cuvee

Of course if you have more than one wine lover in your life (who doesn’t) The Corkcicle is a winner.

You pop it into a nice bottle of wine and it chills it from the inside out. Totally enclosed so it wont seep water into the bottle either.

£18.99 from IWOOT

Rae Feather is a wonderful little company, specialising in cashmere.

I’ve got this scarf and have positively lived in it for the last 2 months.

It would make a lovely gift for anyone who feels the cold or travels lots and likes to have a blanket to snooze with.

£180 from Rae Feather

Deep tea diver.

£10 from Modcloth

The acorn symbolises great power in a small package.

From this tiny little seed grows the mighty oak. They’re said to promote fertility, health and inner strength.

Give yours to remind someone special that they can do anything they set their mind to.

Handmade acorns (made by my mum!) from £125

This is a gift for anyone who’s roamed the wilds of Hyrule.

When you pour a hot drink into the mug the heart fills up… as you run out and it cools, the heart runs out!

£10 from Topshop

The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas.

A great stocking filler for littles. Be sure they put it on their list before it’s sent off to the North Pole.

£4.49 from Amazon

While we’re talking stocking fillers, if you’re still lucky enough to receive one now you’re grown then put this on your list.

Loveability is a brilliant book that everyone over the age of 15 should read.

It’s only £7 and will completely change your outlook on so many aspects of your life. Buy it for someone you love, they’ll thank you forever.

£7 from Amazon

An all in one grooming kit for your dapper gentleman.

AESOP Dapper Gentleman Grooming Kit £110

How about personalised sacks for the whole family?

I love these so much!

£22 from Harrow & Green

Whatever you buy, make sure you include a goat or two.

Or a loo.

Or a few vaccinations.

Oxfam Unwrapped offer all sorts of gifts from £5 that help others around the world.

A lovely little touch that’s sure to put a smile on a everyone’s faces.

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