Rocking The Boat

When the sun shines in London, you have to make the most of it.

The other morning I heard a car roar up to my house and toot outside my window. I looked out to see a little blonde bombshell grinning at me from her car and waving furiously.

I laughed, pulled on my boots and galloped down the stairs.

With the heating and radio cranked up, we sped off into London.

Before getting itchy feet and abandoning the car for a good old fashioned walk around the park.

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I’m in a Goodnight Macaroon coat, Uniqlo snuggly sweater, white jeans, Celine boots (can’t link you to these badboys because they’re not new… so have included similarish ones below), Gucci bag & ASOS sunnies.

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Who could possibly resist a bit of leaf kicking in this weather?

The Serpentine seemed to be littered with happy couples and families in boats.

We felt a small tinge of jealousy and decide to get our own!

I rowed.

Her ladyship watched.

Finally I was relieved of my duties…

And SOMEONE (no names mentioned) lost an oar.

It was just oar-ful watching it float away…

We tried our hardest to get back to the rapidly disappearing, pretty key piece of equipment. But eventually resigned ourselves to an oar-ifying life at sea. We were just going to have to see out our days on the boat.

We day dreamed of rescue… fantasising that Oar-lando Bloom would sail by and rescue us.

Sadly it was the slightly less sexy boatman who saved us.

Either way, we were thrilled to be back on land.

And headed off into Knightsbridge for lunch.

What do hungry, stranded fisherman eat when they finally get home?

Fish, of course!

We settled down in Zuma for a hearty Japanese feast.

Tuna & salmon tartar (my favourite and the same thing I always order).

Yellow tail sashimi in a yuzu sauce (Kim’s favourite and the same thing she always orders).

Shrimp tempura rolls.

Jalapeño yellow tail roll.

Black cod.

And a whole boat load of fruit!

Full and happy we headed into Harrods for a spot of Christmas shopping.

“Just half an hour” we said.

Of course, there’s no such thing as half an hour in Harrods. It’s Alice’s rabbit hole cleverly disguised as a department store.

By the time we emerged it was dark, the Christmas lights were glistening & the wind was howling.

Christmas is coming whether we like it or not.

And I most definitely like it!

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