Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

The Starbucks I walk past every day has just started serving salted caramel hot chocolates.




This had to be good. I raced in, unfurled myself from my layers of knitwear and asked for the biggest one they had.

I snuggled down into their squishiest sofa and readied myself for warm chocolaty nirvana….

What I found was… eh… alright, I guess.

It just seemed to lack any oomf and was all together too sweet and synthetic.

The idea however is a pretty great one.Anyway, anything Starbucks can do, we can do better.

This is my own secret little recipe for the most sumptuously decadent hot chocolate of all time.

If you need a little help getting through Autumn, this tall frothy mug-a-love is just what the doctor ordered.

2 large hot chocolates:

Salted caramel sauce:

1 cup Golden caster sugar

1/4 cup water

1 tsp treacle (molasses) – Lyle’s is best if you can get it

1 knob of butter (about the size of your thumb)

2 tbsp double (heavy) cream

Big pinch of flakey sea salt

Heat your sugar and water in a pan. Keep stirring and watch closely until you’re left with a dark golden brown, clear syrup. This should take about 10mins, so don’t freak out if it takes a while. Add your teaspoon of treacle/molasses and continue to stir until you’re left with a glorious dark nectar. Add the salt.

Turn the heat right down and stir in your butter, followed by your cream. Put to one side, or pop into a jar if you’re going to keep it until later.

Hot chocolate:

50g good quality dark chocolate

50g milk chocolate

1pint milk (I’m a soy girl, but you can use dairy if you prefer)

Whipped cream (optional)

Blitz your chocolate in a food processor until you’re left with a fine, soft, chocolate gravel. Pop into a jug and put to one side. Heat your milk. Just before it begins to boil, pour into your chocolate jug and stir until totally melted. Pour a few glugs of caramel into the bottom of your mugs, pour in your hot chocolate, top with cream and drizzle with extra caramel. Light a few candles and snuggle down with someone delicious.

The mug is an homage to Starbs, seeing as technically they gave me the idea.

Don’t you feel warmer already?

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