Downing Street Foodies

On Monday evening, Alice & I popped over to No.10 for a bit of a shindig.

Mr Cameron very kindly hosted a pre-party for the 50 Best Restaurant Awards, to celebrate some of Britain’s best & most sustainable restaurants.

The event tied in with their brilliant social media campaign based around the idea of GREAT Britain & great British food. (If that sounds like your sort of thing, check out the video here. It’s very good.)

Of course, there was lots of silly posing by the door… but come on, it’s all part of the experience!

As it was an event for GREAT Britain, I thought it only fitting that I wrap myself in a great British designer’s creation so I went for a classic Burberry trench. The rest of the outfit is a little more Euro friendly… Zara dress & shoes teamed with red Prada (this one). Red, white & blue, baby!

Of course all of the boys had great fun playing ‘Budget’ with my handbag…

The gorgeous Alice of Street Style Stalker had me green with envy. Head to toe in Burberry Prosum, she wowed us all!

Unfortunately I took very few photos inside, not even of the wonderful canapés from The Ledbury. Bad blogger, I know. Thankfully I was able to steal this little snap of Tom, Henry & I. They’re the wonderful boys behind “The Fabulous Baker Brothers” a great show & cookbook which I highly recommend. No.10 have also released this little sneak peek of the event itself:

[iframe allowfullscreen=”” frameborder=”0″ height=”360″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/4rlsHYipPMU?rel=0″ width=”640″]

After the party, most of the guests headed off to the award ceremony… we skipped this and went out for drinks & pudding! Well, seeing as we weren’t going to be winning any awards, cocktails seemed like a much better idea.

I met some of my culinary heroes and made some wonderful new friends. (Andrei has written a much better blog post with a list of some of the people we ran into.) It was one of the best nights I’ve had in a long time. Of course, if you follow me on Instagram , you’ll already know all of this, but thanks for sticking around anywhoo!

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