Last night we had a fantastically debaucherous time at The Box, in Soho.

It’s the sister of the infamous New York club.

Impossible to get into, the decor is eclectic, opulent and decidedly naughty.

Hammerstein (the owner) discovered old tiles from a butcher’s shop that he has carefully incorporated into the design. “There is such a lot of history there, I wanted to create the feel that there had been lots of owners, different layers of history. We had to fake that in New York, whereas in London it actually has the history.”

A burlesque show on acid, naked girls crawl across the stage, snort cocaine from each others breasts and run terrified from a murderous pig… y’know, the usual!

Photos aren’t allowed but I managed to sneak a few…

Damo & I

The cocktails are fantastic, but you’re fairly likely to share a table with Kate Moss or a prince, so if paparazzi aren’t your thing, I would stay clear.

Fun for once in a while, I don’t think I could go every night.

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