Sweater (dress) Weather

We are in peak sweater weather. One moment you need to bundled up in a coat, the next you’re stripping off and wondering where the sunshine came from.

If you ask me, Autumn was made for sweater dresses.

Sublimely comfortable, cosy, and endlessly flattering.

Easy to throw on without thinking in the morning, pair with warm boots or tights, grab a coat and you’re done.

Black is always the new black, largely because it’s the most flattering shade under the sun.

On the upside, it hides any lumps… on the downside, it can cause bumps to disappear too!

Not that this one will hide from the limelight for long!

There are endless options when it comes to sweater dresses, but I’ll pop some of my favourites below.

Cashmere –

Luxurious, incredibly warm, will last and last through the years. (I just bought a handful half price from here!)

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Cheapies –

Budget friendly, comfy, everyday wear.

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Oversized –

The only thing more comfortable than wearing pyjamas, and socially acceptable.

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Long –

For a classic, elegant and timeless look.

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Poloneck dress

Camel coat // Prada tote

Over the knee boots (Check here for half price versions in lots of colours! Only a few sizes though)

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Particularly perfect for those with growing bumps!

Or just those who tend to undo their jeans at the table after a particularly large lunch. A category I am happy to call myself a lifelong member of.

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