For the last leg of our trip to Northern Sweden, we headed deeper into the wilderness.

Waving goodbye to the picturesque little town of Harads, with it’s snow dusted church and pastel painted wooden houses.

Out onto the white velvet ribbon of a highway.

We travelled further and further into the forrest, until we were sure we were completely lost.

And that’s when we found it.

Our new home.

A cabin hidden away from prying eyes and the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

Logger’s Lodge.

So called for its position along side the river that was used for floating felled trees downstream.

At one time twenty men would have slept inside the one roomed cabin, with a fire in the middle for warmth and cooking.

Now it’s made just for two.

And it may just be the cosiest place I’ve ever been!

Stepping inside is like stepping through a door to another world. One second you’re in the ice, surrounded by blue light, with air so cold it freezes in your chest, the next, everything glows a warm inviting yellow, a roaring fire crackles happily, the room smells like cinnamon and there’s faint music playing all around.

It’s a hotel built for two, with everything you could possibly need to be happy.

A marshmallow bed.

A sitting room.

A dining room.

And it’s own little sauna, set a little away from the cabin.

3 times a day you’ll be brought the most fabulous meals, made to your tastes and preferences.

You eat them beside the fire, while watching the snow fall outside.

Afterwards you can strip off, hot foot it to the sauna (nude, naturally – this is Sweden after all!)

And then watch the stars come out from your own private lagoon in the woods.

Maybe even watch the Northern Lights dance over head if you’re lucky.

Later you can snuggle into bed, let the fire slowly burn away to glowing embers and fall asleep in complete, total, heavy silence.

Breakfast is served whenever you like (after a morning dip in the tub, if you’re like us!)

And perhaps you can take your cuppa outside to watch the sunrise (at a very leisurely time of 10.30am).


Days can be spent as busily or as lazily as you like.

There’s dog sledding, skidooing, hikes, adventures, anything you like.

We opted for a spot of snow-shoeing.

Which is much harder work than it looks!

So spent the rest of our days relaxing and enjoying cabin life.

The local specialities served up by the chef rival any restaurant in London.

And you don’t even have to queue to get in!


As you can probably tell, I’m head over heels for the place and would recommend a trip to almost anyone.

The only caveats being – it’s very much built for couples, and I’d say you have to know each other really very well. There’s no “escape”(!) so probably not one for new couples who don’t want the other to know that they even pee, never mind anything else.

You have to be able to relax, sounds silly but I know a few people who could go completely mad in the silence.

It’s quite expensive, as with everything else in Sweden. But most certainly one to save for, I would go back in a heartbeat.

Check out the website and drop them an email if you want to visit.

Wine not, eh?

(Ps. For those hoping for outfit details, find them all here!)

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