Living at The Treehotel, Sweden

I can’t say I’ve ever experienced anything quite like waking up here –

The Treehotel in Northern Sweden, check out Monday’s post if you missed the grand tour!

The silence is quite unnerving to begin with, all that fluffy snow absorbing any noise – not that there’s anything for miles around to make any.

You truly are all alone in the wilderness.

Though thankfully catching your own breakfast isn’t necessary.

And having gotten into the swing of things after a couple of days in the trees, we discovered there were faster ways to get to breakfast than trudging there by foot.

We wrapped up…

Red beanie hat // Knitted snood

Red duffle coatHighst version

Snow pants // Black boots

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Ready for the long haul.

Which is very serious business, out there in the wilds.

With a few narrow misses (those tree trunks just come outta nowhere!) we continued down, down towards the faint smell of fresh coffee, hot buttered toast and cinnamon floating on the breeze.

Following our noses.

And letting gravity do all the hard work.

Upon arriving, we stripped off a hundred different layers.

Discarded our coats, blankets, jumpers and ski-wear beside the fire and fell head first into a pile of warm pancakes.

Followed by all sorts of other things.




Before heading back to the treehouse, and doing it all again come lunch time.

I told you it was a place for big kids, didn’t I?!


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