Back in Notting Hill

Home again and there’s a change in the air.

Almost as though over one weekend the seasons changed, gone is the warm breeze carrying the scent of fresh grass. Replaced instead by a sturdier wind pulling leaves from their branches and retiring any thoughts of summer dresses.

It’s a time for sharpening pencils and getting back into the swing of things.

No need for proper winter attire just yet.

What all the magazines call that “difficult transitional period” is actually my favourite bit.

All the excitement of a new season, with none of the practicalities to think about. Warm enough for a super snuggly, but backless, wooly jumper. Cool enough for jeans.

Pink backless jumperalso in white

Labrador belt

Acetate bag (lots of colours)

Skinny jeans // Pink velvet slides (UK/US)

Silver watch

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I read an odd article about these bags ^ suggesting that bloggers buy them because other bloggers wear them, but they’re totally unpractical because of the holes, so no-one else does…


I bought mine because I think they’re a beautiful piece of wearable sculpture that look just as lovely in hand as on a bookshelf. I’ve never had anything fall out of one, and can’t see anyone have a problem with this unless you choose to carry cash and cards loose rather than in a wallet.

So let’s just put the idea to rest and appreciate a cool independent brand doing something well.

Very well done, Cult Gaia.

It’s always fun to start a new school term and meet the new kid on the block.

The new kids are currently flocking to the previously unfashionable end of Westbourne Grove in their droves.

Allow me to introduce you to one…

Rotisserie Cocotte.

A beautiful, simple little eatery, opposite Farmacy.

They specialise in two things.

Cocktails and chicken.

This ain’t no Nandos.

Perfectly cooked rotisserie chicken. Skin bursting with flavour, tender meat, lots of sauces (hello truffle mayo, move a little closer…) and a range of healthy(ish) sides.

Perfect for a quick and easy lunch or maybe dinner with friends before going dancing.

The perfect welcome home lunch, and just the fuel I needed for an afternoon of catching up in London.

Ready to give summer the cold shoulder.

Let’s do this, autumn!

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