Country Retreat, Austria

After our wonderful, magical lunch in Hallstatt we continued on into the mountains.

Climbing high into clouds heavy with snow, up through forests and winding along treacherous cliff sides.

Up and down mountains with the driver’s ABBA playlist on repeat.

Eventually we slowed down, emerged into sunshine and found ourself in Hinterthal.

Where our final stop, a little chocolate box hotel, lay hidden among the trees.

Duffle coat // Chanel bag

Poloneck // Skinny jeans

Flabbergastingly comfy wedge boots (for city or snow)

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We opted to stay at Jagdgut Wachtelhof purely based on how cosy the pictures looked!

Reality didn’t disappoint.

We were led to a suite on the third floor, with balconies over the babbling river outside.

Get ready for a quick whistle stop tour…

Having dropped off our bits and bobs we raced out to enjoy the very last of the sunshine.

Hinterthal is tiny, you could walk from one end to the other in about 12 minutes.

Which is fun, because it’s very, very pretty!

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There are lots of wooden chalets, a couple of hotels and a smattering of restaurants.

All in the typical fairytale alpine style.

All tucked in with a thick, fluffy blanket of fresh snow.

We stumbled across a local schnapps honesty bar.

So of course had to give it a go!

It certainly warmed up the rest of our walk!

We stopped into an adorable little roadside cabin for hot chocolate on the deck.

Before heading back home for one more round!

This time with berliners!

Beside the fire.

The decor at the hotel is particularly interesting (I’m going through a bit of an interiors phase, as you’ll know if you follow me on Pinterest.)

It’s as though it were all a set for a play, the books on the wall are all just covers. The wood piles are painted on, the fires are electric.

But it all comes together rather beautifully!

Someone very clever indeed has clearly come in to make the place feel homely, they’ve bought every coffee table book you could possibly find in a lifetime, a few board games, and dotted around a few dried flower displays.

A masterclass in styling!

After a long day of exploring we headed for the spa, a cosy glowing beacon out in the snow.

We alternated between the huge sumptuous loungers, the steam room, the sauna and the snow.

Reading, chatting and sipping on tea beside the fire.

Everything I’d hoped for from our last stop.

Makeup free, comfy clothes on we padded over to the hotel restaurant for supper.

Sitting on a snuggly corner sofa beneath cracking art work…

…Slim A?

And dining on local specialities by candle light.

Carrot and ginger soup.

Local trout and shrimp in garlic butter – which seeped into the creamy mashed potato. Uhhh… so good! 

Polished off with a proper pudding.

We climbed up to bed and slept with the windows open so the sound of the river dancing over the rocks filled the room. Tucked up under thick duvets we fell asleep to the noise, snug, full and incredibly content.

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