Canals and Candyfloss, Copenhagen

Last week I popped over to Copenhagen for a flying visit and whirlwind tour!

After a very early start we landed just before lunch time, giving us the perfect opportunity for a pre-lunch amble in the sunshine.

We took a spin through the Tivoli gardens.

Copenhagen -1

Drinking in the welcome sunshine and pretty views from every angle.

Copenhagen -2

Naturally making the very most of my Greek tan in all white!

Copenhagen -3


Off the shoulder jumper (UK/US) //  White skinny jeans

Vintage LV Noé bag (total bargains at the mo, get one here quick!)

Silk scarf // Brown sandals (similar)

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As an ambassador for Pandora jewellery I joined the team on their Summer press trip to Copenhagen, which as it happens is where Pandora began.

Joined by a group of glossy magazine editors we all sat down for lunch at Nimb Terrasse.

Copenhagen -4

Tivoli gardens is the city’s fairground/amusement park.

I can quite safely say that I have never sat down for lunch in a theme park and spotted the chef clipping herbs and edible flowers from the garden…

Copenhagen -5

…and it has certainly never looked quite like this!

Copenhagen -6

All manner of fresh green seasonal things (asparagus with every meal throughout Scandi summers!)

Copenhagen -7

Followed by a modern take on rhubarb and custard.

Copenhagen -8

Danish food truly is some of the best in the world.

Their flavour combinations and light, pretty dishes are just such a delight. I could spend the rest of my life eating my way around the country and never get bored!

Though I must say I was utterly flabbergasted to find such an excellent restaurant in the shadow of fairground rides.

Copenhagen -9

After lunch we could resist the shrieks, laughter and hollers of everyone on the rides no longer!

And spread out across the park to enjoy them.

Copenhagen -10

Copenhagen -11

Copenhagen -12

Copenhagen -13

Stopping off now and then for treats.

Copenhagen -14

Copenhagen -15

Tree of life pendant

Copenhagen -16

Silver bow ring // Gold bow ring // Daisy ring

Copenhagen -17

Copenhagen -18

Copenhagen -19

Of course candy floss (or cotton candy I believe, if you’re from across the pond) was always going to be on the cards!

A fairground really isn’t a fairground if you don’t leave sticky.

Copenhagen -20

High on sugar I drove us all back to the hotel.

Copenhagen -21

Leaving everyone to their naps, Tania and I strolled off to explore a little more of the town.

Copenhagen -22

Drawn like moths to a flame towards the pretty painted buildings of Nyhavn.

Copenhagen -23

Friends chatting, couples promenading, singers busking, all along the water’s edge.

Copenhagen -24

We stopped into Vaffelbageren for a local specialty.

Copenhagen -25

When in Rome!

Copenhagen -26

The Danes top their ice-cream with whipped cream and lashings of jam.

Copenhagen -27

I was skeptical at first, but hot damn those guys know what’s good!

Copenhagen -28

Having given them two very enthusiastic thumbs up, we strolled (ice cream and coffee in hand) along the canal.

Copenhagen -29

Copenhagen -30

Happily picking houses and boats we’d like to move into.

Copenhagen -31

And avoiding swooping seagulls.

Copenhagen -32

Copenhagen -33

Copenhagen -34

Popping back to the hotel as the sun set.

Copenhagen -35

And disappearing into the spa.

Copenhagen -36

Where we turned into two happy prunes, never to be seen again.

Copenhagen -37

Well, until tomorrow when I’ll share a few more of our Copenhagen adventures!

Vi ses imorgen.

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