Siestas in Mexico

That’s not my siesta… she’s my mama!

Sorry, couldn’t resist a classic.

After the excitement of exploring our local cenotes, our second day in Mexico was spent just lapping up the sunshine, gorging ourselves on avocado (again), reading our books and playing in the waves.

Mexican retreat-1

Starting with a good old drink of that sunrise, and a dance with the waves.

Mexican retreat-2

Wearing a dress from potentially my new favourite dress brand. These guys!

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Everything is incredibly feminine, very flattering and very red dress emoji.

Though no match for that sea breeze!

Mexican retreat-3

We had breakfast beside the pool of our hotel.

Mexican retreat-4

Lounged and watched the morning sky come to life, while sipping on a big mug of coffee.

Mexican retreat-5

Sitting comfortably in companionable silence, just appreciating the jaw dropping beauty of the place.

Counting our lucky stars and breathing it all in.

A little later, we slathered on sunscreen, slipped into swimmers and set up camp on the beach.

Strolled along the bay with fresh coconuts, chatting away about everything and anything!

Mexican retreat-6

Yellow mesh bikini // Black cat eye sunnies (bargainous!)

Mexican retreat-7

A far cry from the mirror-like, turquoise lake of a sea we were expecting, waves rolled in strong and fast.

Mexican retreat-8

Mexican retreat-9

Supplying us with hours of amusement!

Mexican retreat-10

Mexican retreat-11

Mexican retreat-12

I was very pleased I packed my little waterproof camera, we laughed so much taking these snaps; I must have swallowed half the ocean in the process!

Mexican retreat-13

Mexican retreat-14

Mexican retreat-15

Mexican retreat-16

Mexican retreat-17

Beach babe ^ for life.

Mexican retreat-18

We read our books beneath the palms.

I loved “Gone Girl” & “Girl On The Train” and “The Girl With No Past” has been hailed as the new page turner… don’t bother. It’s awful. We both read and hated it.

However we’ve both started “The Ship of Magic“… and it is spectacularly good! First part of a trilogy, too. So there’s lots more goodness to come.

Next on the list – “All The Light We Cannot See“.

Mexican retreat-19

We took up our already familiar seats for lunch.

Mexican retreat-20

Mexican retreat-21

Tucking into fresh fish, tacos and as much guacamole as we could manage.

Mexican retreat-22

Before retiring to our sunbeds for two well deserved siestas.

Later in the afternoon we padded over barefoot to the tree-house bar.

Mexican retreat-23

Mexican retreat-24

Collected a couple of frozen margaritas, blitzed with fresh strawberries and drizzled in lime.

Mexican retreat-25

Mexican retreat-26

We slurped them overlooking the bay.

Mexican retreat-27

And when the waves got too much to resist, we took them on a little stroll through the shallows.

Mexican retreat-28

Mexican retreat-29

We spent our day between the pages of our books, ducking and jumping the rolling waves, stretching out on the soft sands and generally melting into a state of holiday bliss.

Exactly what the doctor ordered to see off the January blues!

Mexican retreat-30

For supper we walked through the steamy evening, along the winding path and over to the garden restaurant.

Mexican retreat-31

We were serenaded by a beautiful man plucking at a Spanish guitar.

Here we dined on a light supper of seafood and iced wine.

Mexican retreat-32

And toasted to a proper day of nothingness, done just right.

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