Denim ‘n’ Boots

The combo of denim and boots will never, ever go out of style.

They go together like Chanel and pearls, like the sea and the shore, like popcorn and butter! Or I suppose in Mexico, I should say chips and guacamole… but you get the idea.

And when in Mexico, you need boots made for walkin’.

Tulum style-1


When UGG Australia asked me to style up a pair from their new spring collection, I sprung at the chance!

Utterly sure that the shores of Tulum were the perfect place to put the boots through their paces.

Mile after mile of waving palm covered streets, hot pavements, pot holes, obstacles, shops, bars and restaurants; all begging to be explored.

Tulum style-3

Tulum style-4

It’s hot, dusty work, but just dreamy if you stop off every now and then to wallow in the cool shady spots.

Tulum style-5

Tulum style-6

There are two ways to get around Tulum.

One is in a beaten up Beetle, which all of the local expats drive.

Tulum style-7

And the other is by pastel coloured bicycle.

Tulum style-8

Ok… maybe there’s one more option.

Tulum style-9

Mobile home anyone?!

If you ride down to the south end of Tulum beach, you’ll find a shady oasis filled with little boutiques and stalls.

Tulum style-10

Tulum style-11

Tulum style-12

Impossible to resist, they’ll draw you in with their unique, bohemian charm.

Tulum style-13

Tulum style-14

Tulum style-15

Tulum style-16

Tulum style-17

Tulum style-18

At the north end of the beach you’ll find one of our firm favourites from the trip; Zamas.

A little beach bar with painted tables, a sandy floor, and an unrivaled view of the ocean waves rolling in.

Tulum style-19

Not to mention their cocktails!

Tulum style-20

As regulars over the week, the girls would see us coming and bring out our favourites ^.

Habañero tequila, passion fruit, lime and ice.

Spicy, sweet, sour, fresh and so cold.

Just about as refreshing as anything gets! And just the thing to put your feet up with after a morning’s ride.

Tulum style-21

Tulum style-22

Vintage white shirt (similar) // Denim shorts // Black sunnies (£8!)

Tulum style-23

Regardless of the fact UGG commissioned this post, these are hands down my favourite UGG boots of all time.

A far cry from the classics, they keep your feet perfectly cool with breezy ankles and the soles are lined with their classic sheepskin – whipping away any sweat and giving a little extra cushioning to your walk.

I chose the chestnut Patsys, but I’ve popped more of the collection below.

The black beauties are next on my list!

Tulum style-24

Silver May Traveller’s Sparkler // Silver May Love Bangles

Tulum style-25

So much more than just a little beach bar, you can pull up a chair to watch the ocean kiss the shore, and indulge in a little lunch while you’re at it.

Tulum style-26

Starting off with your hourly prescription of Mexican guacamole.

Closely followed by a few rounds of fish tacos.

Tulum style-27

And then maybe a couple more rounds of everything soon after that!

Tulum style-28

With that view, how could you resist?

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