Sunday Afternoon

Our post-breakfast leg stretch ended up being quite a stretch indeed.

Our feet carried us across the valleys and hills of The South Downs; one of Britain’s best loved walking spots.

It’s easy to see why!

Shephard Hut Camping-1

Shephard Hut Camping-2

^ See the ridge on the left? That’s a 2,600 year old fort.

Which I fort was pretty cool.

Autumn in England

Shephard Hut Camping-4

Cosy knits, skinny jeans and warm boots

Wrapped in cosy knits and bathed in Autumnal sunshine, we marched ourselves all the way to the pub.

Where we had a truly terrible Sunday roast, with some rather good Yorkshire puds.

Sunday Roast in Hambledon

A couple of pints of cold cider, beside the fire, with the dog snoozing quietly beside us.

Just as a Sunday pub lunch should be!

And all walked off afterwards.

Shephard Hut Camping-7

Knitted snood

Knitted jumper (similar UK / similar US)

Skinny jeans // Chestnut UGG boots

Honey Bee Stacking Rings

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Autumn road

We walked home again through the quite literally breathtaking countryside.

Marvelling at the Autumn colours, winding roads and golden fields against the pale blue sky.

Autumn leaves

All the way home to our Shepherd’s Hut, back in the Wriggly Tin meadow amongst the woods.

Guard dog

We lit a fire, popped the kettle on and set up our Sunday sofa.

Cosy campfire

Shephard Hut Camping-12

Custard made sure the fire was well stocked.


And we settled in for a lazy afternoon in the setting sun.

Cosy Sunday afternoon

Sunday papers and a cup of tea

Chunky knit blanket

If you’re as much of a knit-wit as I am, you’ll need to check out these homewares!

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There are no words for how truly snuggly and sumptuously heavy this chunky knit blanket is!

Ugg blanket

Feeling a little nibbly, we poured a few corn kernels into a pan and listened to it crackling and popping away beneath the hood.

Campfire popcorn

Drizzled a little of breakfast’s maple syrup into melted butter, ready to be poured over the corn!

Maple butter popcorn

Fresh popcorn

Melted butter popcorn

Followed by a dusting of salt.

Buttery, salty, sweet and a little smokey all at once.

The ultimate afternoon nibble!

We sat out until the sun set and the moon began to rise over the woods.

Shephard Hut Camping-23

Time to wrap up a little warmer!

Dog Barbour

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Shephard Hut Camping-24

As the night drew in, I got started on supper.

Campfire steak

A huge, pan sized steak.

With One Pan Mac ‘n’ Cheese, made from ingredients I prepped and packed up before we left.

Shephard Hut Camping-25

Which was pretty grate!

Campfire cooking

The Mr laid the table.

Starlight supper

I sliced up the steak and drizzled over a little salsa verde (use this recipe, have it with everything, it’ll change your life!)

Shephard Hut Camping-29

He popped open a bottle of bubbly.

Champagne and candle light

And we settled down to supper, lit by our lanterns, the dying fire and the rising moon.

Champagne and candle light

When the sun rose the next morning, none of us wanted to go home.

This guy least of all!

Dog bed

I cooked up one final breakfast.

Fresh eggs

Inside this time, on the stove.

Cooking breakfast


All served with a little leftover salsa!

Fry up

We piled back into the car and trundled off to London.

I can’t tell you how much I thoroughly loved our trip and digital detox. We’re still walking around in a bit of a happy glow and feeling much, much more zen than usual!

I most heartily recommend a little local escape of your own.

What do you think? Have I convinced you to give Glamping a go? Or is a hotel more your style?

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