Henley Festival, All Night Long

Henley Festival may just be my favourite of all the summer festivals.

I’ve done the whole muddy tent, soggy welly, pint of cider, shivering in the rain thing many times before.

And don’t get me wrong, it’s been great! I’ve loved all my festival experiences.

But Henley… well, Henley is a little different.

For a start, it’s black tie.

Not a rubber boot in sight!

Secondly, there are sit-down-suppers, BMW chariots to get you to and from the city, champagne flows freely, everyone smells delightful, and you can watch the acts from a very comfortable, covered seat.

Oh god. It’s happened. I grew up!

I finally value comfort above mayhem…

I have to tell you, it feels great.

henley festival-1

Anna and I arrived in the final, golden hours of the afternoon.

henley festival-2

henley festival-3

henley festival-4

The Festival plays out on the river bank in Henley.

Artists and performers roam the field and party goers chug to and fro along the Thames.

henley festival-5

henley festival-6

henley festival-7

henley festival-8

henley festival-9

henley festival-10

henley festival-11

henley festival-12

henley festival-13

We grabbed a couple of seats and two glasses of bubbles in the BMW tent.

henley festival-14

henley festival-15

Anna’s dress // Shoes


henley festival-16

The ideal spot for a chinwag and some people watching.

henley festival-18

henley festival-19

henley festival-20

There’s not much that makes me chuckle as much as making this one laugh so much she snorts champagne out of her nose…

henley festival-21

That’s what friends are for, right?!

henley festival-22

henley festival-23

henley festival-24

henley festival-25

henley festival-26

We roamed the river banks saluting and toasting sailors as they passed.

henley festival-27

henley festival-28

henley festival-29

henley festival-30

henley festival-31

henley festival-32

henley festival-33

henley festival-34

Wearing my satin wrap dress.

I have it in a few colours, and have to say black is probably the most practical as the yellow goes a little sheer in sunshine.

Having said that, they’re all equally and wonderfully swishy.

henley festival-35

Yellow dressRed versionBlack version

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Honey bee necklace

Handbag // Wrap

Sunnies // Sandals

henley festival-36

henley festival-37

Come supper time we made our way to the Roux pop-up.


henley festival-38

And happily tucked in as we chatted to the mix of friends and strangers on our table,

henley festival-39

henley festival-40

Before we could even think about pudding, the whispers started. People started jumping up from their seats and racing out of the tent.

It was time.

Lionel was about to begin.

henley festival-41

henley festival-42

The dapper crowd took up their places, champagne in hand.

henley festival-43

henley festival-44

And out he came!

To a roar of applause and excitement.

henley festival-45

All generations coming together to clap, sing along, laugh and cheer as one.

henley festival-46

henley festival-47

henley festival-48

henley festival-49

henley festival-50

henley festival-51

henley festival-52

We danced until our feet ached, and then swayed back and forth in unison, phones and lighters held high!

henley festival-53

henley festival-54

henley festival-55

After Lionel’s incredible performance, we raced back for pudding.

henley festival-56

Topped with a generous helping of fireworks.

henley festival-57

henley festival-58

henley festival-59

henley festival-60

henley festival-61

henley festival-62

henley festival-63

henley festival-64

henley festival-65

An utterly magical evening, muckin’ about on the river.

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