Get Glowing!

Winter is officially over.

The days of racing home at the end of the day (in the dark), hiding away from the world with pizza and Netflix are done.

For the next few months you’re going to stroll in the sunshine, laugh until your cheeks hurt over cocktails, find your spot in the sunshine outside of the pub. You’re going to take at least one trip to the sea and spot a couple of new freckles when you get home.

Caked on, thick, heavy, winter makeup needs to go.

This summer you are going to glow!

A good gorgeous glow starts from within. You need to drink lots of water (don’t go mad. Drinking too much washes away nutrients and is as harmful as too little water. Just drink as much as you fancy, even tea will do! Just stay clear of sugary drinks.), eat more greens, fewer beige foods, lots of avocado and fresh fish. Take care of yourself, basically. Your skin, hair and nails will soon show the difference!

But you can get a leg-up when it comes to the brightness of that growing glow.

This is my “Get Glowing” beauty routine. Sure to drag anyone into the bronzed goddess category and change your skin care routine for life!

get the glow makeup-1-2

Forgive the crumpled pyjamas.

I thought I’d do a morning routine to show you a very natural, glowy makeup look.

You can easily vamp it up with a little more shimmer and some eyeliner for an evening out.

While we’re talking evening, any good routine starts before bedtime. These are my current go-tos.

get the glow makeup-2

Bio Essence Jelly Make Up Remover – this stuff is game changing! No wipes, cotton pads or faffing. Squeeze a couple pumps onto your fingers, close your eyes and rub gently. Use just the gel and your fingers to gently buff away your eye makeup. Keep your eyes shut, rinse with water and you should be left with clean eyes and fresh soft lashes. Tricky to find in stores, easier online.

Oskia London cleansing gel – Use this as you would a usual cleanser. Rub in gentle circles all over your face. Rather than splashing off, get a linen cloth good and hot under the tap. Squeeze it out and place it over your face. Keep it there for about a minute, breathing in all the lovely steam. This feels so good! The first time I tried the hot cloth system, my boyfriend came in to see what he was missing out on because of all the “ohhh my god!“s. Finally, wipe your face clean with the cloth and rinse it off. Follow with…

Sunday Riley Good Genes – The active ingredient is lactic acid, which gives your skin a little work-out as you sleep, lemongrass and Liquorice which stimulate circulation, regulate uneven skin tone and brighten. Not one for really sensitive types simply because it is SO active. But the glowing, softening, pore minimising and brightening results the next day are just brilliant. Leave a good layer on over night.

If for some unforeseen reason (possibly gin based) you forget to take your make-up off before bedtime, I’ve included it in the  “morning routine” just in case.

get the glow makeup-3

Cleanse again if you feel you need it.

Pixi Glow Tonic Toner – Instantly refreshing, this tones and conditions your skin after cleansing, tightens your pores against the elements after opening them with the steam and leaving a gorgeous glow to your skin. Apply a few drops to a cotton wool pad, and sweep all over skin after cleansing in the morning.

Followed by…

Verso Day Cream– Kick-starts sluggish cells, encouraging collagen synthesis and smoothing out wrinkles. It’s also great at counteracting sun damage for the worshipers amongst us. Also boasts and added sun filter to protect against more damage.

get the glow makeup-4

get the glow makeup-5

get the glow makeup-6

Pineapple hair optional but highly recommended. (Though it is universally hated by boyfriends across the land.)

get the glow makeup-7

get the glow makeup-8

As you can probably gather, putting on day cream is the best part of my morning. I bloody love it!

Quite often I’ll just do day cream and mascara, but if I fancy a proper glowing, pulled together look I put in a little more effort.

Starting with Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector.

get the glow makeup-9

A little pump gives enough to cover the face. (Cheeky.)

get the glow makeup-10

Apply once your moisturiser has sunk in. It’s essentially soft–focus/studio lighting/photoshop in a bottle! It blurs imperfections and creates a perfect canvas for make up, with a very natural shimmer. Like you’ve just come in from the beach. 

get the glow makeup-11

Although if you had, you might look a little happier than my early morning face!

Next up, BECCA Under Eye Brightener which “scatters light” to neutralise dark circles.

get the glow makeup-12

Get it right into the hollows! A little goes a long way.

What I like best is that it’s a very smooth, creamy texture that doesn’t dry into creases making you look older than your years.

get the glow makeup-13

A good light, bright foundation is worth its weight in gold.

get the glow makeup-14

Kevyn Aucoin, The Sensual Skin Fluid Foundation 6 is really a tinted moisturiser.

A lovely, dewy no-foundation-foundation that adds just the right level of enhancing, smoothing but invisible coverage.

get the glow makeup-15

Applied with a beauty blender.

get the glow makeup-16

get the glow makeup-17

For eyes, I use BECCA ombre nudes. Because it has pretty much every colour I’ll ever need!

get the glow makeup-18

I start with the palest colour, for a very light dusting over my lids.

get the glow makeup-19

Followed by a quick sweep along the lash line with a darker colour.

get the glow makeup-20

NB: Just holding the skin near my eye, not tugging it. Be very gentle with your eyes or you’ll get wrinkles.

get the glow makeup-21

I bring a tiny bit of the colour up into the crease of the eye, to about half way along.

get the glow makeup-22


get the glow makeup-23

get the glow makeup-24

Next I dust cheekbones and the centre line of my nose with RMS Living Luminizer (also Giselle & Mirander Kerr’s highlighter of choice, I’ll have you know. Very much an “I’ll have what they’re having” moment!) 

get the glow makeup-25

Bronze anywhere the sun would hit, cheekbones, nose, hairline with BECCA Shadow & Light Bronzer.

get the glow makeup-26

get the glow makeup-27

get the glow makeup-28

Apply a few coats of DJV Fiberwig Mascara (AKA the best mascara in the world!). It comes off with the remover, or a warm water soak but otherwise stays on no matter what! Wind, rain, tears, the sea, this stuff can take it all! 

get the glow makeup-29

One downside:

It doesn’t cure chronic “Mascara Face”.

get the glow makeup-30

get the glow makeup-31

^ Left eye naked, right eye Fiberwigged. Why don’t they do makeup ads like this? Where you can see the actual difference it makes?

Anyway. Onwards!

get the glow makeup-32

get the glow makeup-33

get the glow makeup-34

Followed by de-pinappling.

get the glow makeup-35

get the glow makeup-36

Dreaded brushing.

get the glow makeup-37

get the glow makeup-38

Some internal longing for a haircut, don’t worry split ends, I am on the case!

get the glow makeup-39

And that’s it!

get the glow makeup-2-2

A healthy, very natural looking, #IWokeUpLikeThis, glow.

get the glow makeup-3-2

get the glow makeup-4-2

You can find everything I used on Cult Beauty, who are my go-to beauty gurus. Not only did I grow up with the founder, but they offer free worldwide shipping, so it’s a natural fit.

Fill yer boots!

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Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s about time I got out of these pyjamas.

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