Travelling Noodles – Soup Up Your Packed Lunch!

These are my New Years Resolution lunch pots.

They’re quick, easy and perfect for those who want to cut back on the unhealthy stuff, cut back on spending but don’t want to sacrifice their enjoyment… especially come lunch time!

Throw a pot together in the evening, seal it up, pop it into the fridge and take it with you in the morning. Then all you’ll need is a little hot water to bring your spicy, fragrant, healthy noodle soup to life.

Scoop, spoon ‘n’ slurp to your hearts content!

homemade pot noodle-20

homemade pot noodle-18

Warm, comforting, filling and you can use whatever you’ve got in the cupboards… so you’ll never get bored!

The idea is similar to HFW’s Veggie Pot Noodles from his Veggie Cookbook (which is a corker of a book!), but the recipe is quite different so here’s what you’ll need for 1 pot:

A pot with a lid (Pyrex ones are safest but I use these)

1 handful of dried noodles (try zero cal noodles if you want to be really good!)

1 handful of mixed asian veg

1 handful of left-over cooked chicken / cooked prawns / tofu

Half handful of bean sprouts

1 spring onion

1tsp fresh or dried coriander

1tsp hot sauce (I like Sriacha)

1tsp miso paste

1tsp bouillon/stock powder (make sure it has no MSG)

1tsp tom yum paste (optional)

1tbsp soy sauce

(Remember, you’re welcome to throw in whatever you’ve got to hand; there are unlimited possible combos for these babies!)

homemade pot noodle-1

Cook your noodles according to the package.

When they’re done, pop them into the bottom of your pot.

homemade pot noodle-2

Flatten them in and make sure they’re nicely spread out.

Leave to cool.

homemade pot noodle-3

While the noodles cool, make your taste paste.

In a small bowl mix together your miso, bouillon, soy, tom yum paste, as much hot sauce as you fancy. Even if you don’t like spicy stuff, just add a little. It gives the soup a great bite and boots your metabolism up a gear. Great if you get a New Year’s cold, too!

When your pots are nice and chilled, add your sauce.

homemade pot noodle-4

homemade pot noodle-5

Pile in your chosen meat. Use whatever you fancy, but make sure it’s cooked.

homemade pot noodle-6

Pack in a handful of sliced veg and bean sprouts.

Bean sprouts are heroes in the nutrition world! Bursting with vit C, B vitamins and protein. So be generous!

homemade pot noodle-7

Top with sliced spring onion.

homemade pot noodle-8

Sprinkle in your coriander, I didn’t have any fresh so used dried.

homemade pot noodle-9

And you’re done!

homemade pot noodle-11

Seal it up and store in the fridge.

homemade pot noodle-12

They keep for a few days, so you could always make a batch of them for the week ahead.

When you’re ready to chow, boil the kettle and pop open your pot.

homemade pot noodle-13

Pour boiling water in, until the top veggies are swimming.

homemade pot noodle-14

homemade pot noodle-15

Seal the pot and leave it for a couple of minutes.

If you’re like me you’ll love watching the water turn that sauce you made into the most delicious, deeply red soup!

When you can’t wait anymore, mix it up and tuck in.

homemade pot noodle-16

homemade pot noodle-17

homemade pot noodle-19

homemade pot noodle-18

Crunchy, fresh and utterly delicious… they really are souper.

You’ll never look at a supermarket sandwich the same way again!

Experiment with flavours and let me know how you get on.


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