Dolphin Chasing, Bali

We woke up at 2.30am with the promise that we would swim with dolphins. Five very grumpy, half asleep girls filed out of the villa and into the car.Headphones and black-out eyemasks firmly wrapped around our heads we settled down for the journey.We drove in silence, interrupted by the occasional snore, until sunrise.Once we got to Lovina Beach (the dolphin capital of Bali), we woke up properly.

The sand was black, the sky a pinkish blue and the waveless sea stretched out like an endless lake before us. We met our captain and nestled ourselves in his little wooden boat.

Pushed off from the shore and glided away into the sunrise.









The traditional boats, or “Jakung” is a handmade outrigger canoe.

There’s not much wriggle room! Your little wooden seat slots in and you sit facing forward, keeping your eyes peeled for dolphins.

p-4 p-6 p-5 p-7





Just as the sun finally came over the brow of the hill, we saw dolphins.

A pod leaping in the distance, leaving glittering trails of gold behind them.

Our captain sped towards them, but by the time we reached them they’d gone.

p-8 p-10 p-9




We sailed around until the sun was high in the sky. Hoping for one more chance encounter with the playful pod, but luck was not on our side.

So instead we set off for a snorkel.

p-12 p-8 p-13 p-14





^ A picture of elegance, as always!

p-15 p-16



Disappointed not to have seen the Balinese dolphins up close, but grateful for the incredible sunrise and cooling still waters, we swam, span, dived and generally enjoyed mermaid hijinks in the early morning light.

p-17 p-19 p-18




And eventually chugged home, feeling much more awake and spritely!



Breton top // Sunnies // Wildfox explorer bikini (on sale)





p-21 p-24 p-23 p-22

Our lovely captain, Komang, who tried so hard to make our day with the dolphins!

We arrived back the black sands of Lovina beach, like hungry locusts.

Ducked into the nearest shack and were treated to some of the best banana pancakes I’ve ever had, and enormous mugs of tea.

Feeling refreshed and significantly less hangry, we set off to chase a few waterfalls.

We drove into the hills and trekked down into the cool, lush jungle on foot.



In the depths of the valley, we found Gitgit Waterfall.



We had the entire place to ourselves and couldn’t believe our luck!

The cool spray from the rocks was just too tempting, we had to get in.






The water was so fresh and clear, and to be able to experience it with some of my favourite people is something I’ll never forget.

p-30 p-35 p-34 p-33 p-32 p-31 p-38 p-37 p-36 p-42 p-41 p-40 p-39 p-44 p-43 p-46 p-45


















We showered off in the smaller cascades.

Brilliantly cold, crisp and sharp water falling from high above. Giving you a little flick with every drop!



We walked deeper into the valley.




And made it to a bar just as the heavens opened!

We sheltered from the rain with the owner’s skittish chickens and one arrogant cock.



But hey, what’s a bar without one of those hanging around?!

p-50 p-51



We sat and huddled together as the rain came down around us.

Watching the fat, heavy drops and listening to the pitter patter on the roof.

p-52 p-54 p-53




After some time the chickens finally accepted that perhaps we wouldn’t eat them, and started nestling in around our feet.



We began to think that the rain might never stop.



And just as we were about to give up and make a run for it…



… it did!

We raced through the forrest and back up the valley.

p-58 p-59



Ran up along the road, waving frantically at our driver, and jumped into the car just as the next cloud emptied upon us.

We drove to our new home at Hu’u Villas for a much needed hot bath and snooze.

p-60 p-62 p-61

Not quite the adventure we’d had in mind, but an utterly unforgettable one nonetheless.

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