Final Disney Moments

On our very last day we wrapped up warm and raced off to make most of our adventure,

Starting, as all good adventures do, with coffee.

^ I took this very same photo when I was 11.

Mum has promised to hunt the pics out, so if she finds them I’ll share them with you. You’ll thoroughly enjoy laughing and gangly, fuzzy little Rosie, I’m sure!

Back in present day, we skipped off with our guide, into the rain.

Disney very kindly organised a VIP guide. He’s someone who knows every nook and cranny of the parks. He walks you to the front of every queue and generally treats you like a rock star.

(To be fair, he usually guides rock stars, so that could be why.)

You can book him for your trip. It is pricey (800euros, BUT you can have upto 10 people in your group so not too bad if you split the cost).

We took a trop to the Wild West.

Shot up a few saloons.

Rode the runaway train!

Before tiptoeing over to the ominous haunted house.

Which mum readily admitted was in fact her dream house!

My built-in best friend and I posing up a storm!

One last photo before plunging into the depths of the rickety old house.

You ride through the dungeons and cellars. Past ghosts, skeletons, and all things creepy.

Thankfully we survived… just.

Black shearling coat // Polar neck // Skinny jeans // Boots

Scarf // Jumper // Leather leggings (with tights underneath – new levels of cosiness!)

Biker boots // Chanel Boy bag

For lunch we flew all the way to Morocco.

We entered Aladdin’s passage.

It was very dark and cosy, with a few surprises along the way.

We ate a mixture of tagines, before racing off again for a few more rides.

Over lunch we befriended a British journalist travelling with his young daughter. We took them with us so they could share the benefits of our guide.

It gave us a chance to visit some of the simpler rides, and enjoy the stories together.

It made the whole trip even more magical to be able to see it all through the eyes of someone so little.

Though I have to say Snow White was terrifying!

We took a whirl on the teacups!

Before nipping off for our favourite part of the entire trip.

We waited patiently outside a VIP’s dressing room, before being ushered in for a quick meet and greet!

As I’d always imagined, we was a complete charmer!

Mum was equally as smitten.

Double trouble for Mickey!

It’s hard to say who enjoyed Dumbo more, us or the 5 year old we’d temporarily adopted.

Who’m I kidding?!

We enjoyed it more than anyone!

After a spin on the tremendous carousel, we finished the day as we started it.

With coffee.

Charming new bracelet! UK link // US link

Christmas pudding pendant, hand made by my sister – Aunt Sponge.

Having totally exhausted ourselves, every ride in the park and our lovely guide we said our goodbyes.

Two very happy little girls headed back to London, slowly growing back into grown ups as they went.

Hopefully we took just a sprinkle of magic home with us!

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