Every year I have these wildly ambitious, complex Halloween costume ideas…

And every year Halloween rolls around and I have in no way prepared.

This year was, of course, no different. At 4pm Selina texted and said “They’ve turned Cirque du Soir into an asylum… wanna go?”

Seriously? Who in their right mind could turn that down?

Lacking a costume I grabbed a dress from Topshop and went home to try my hand at some horrible makeup, helped by a tutorial from Katie.

Selina & Ella came over, we had some bubbles, laughed at Selina for wearing the most enormous pants I have ever seen (apparently they went with her outfit)… and eventually we headed down to Carnaby Street.

Cirque, which is always pretty creepy, has been totally transformed for a week of Halloween debauchery. It was AWESOME.

This girl sits in an abandoned tube carriage and you can pay her to spin the wheel of misfortune.

These poor devils got “trick or treat”

And were forced to eat dried cockroaches, scorpions and crickets.

We watched with glee.

The music thumped as the costumed crowd writhed around the dance floor, drinking, flirting and watching.

Every now & then creatures would leap from hiding places and grab you, sending your screams of terror into the hedonism.

But they’re all pretty friendly once you get to know them.

I think…

Either way, we survived!

Happy Halloween!

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