Smoked Mackerel Pate

Summertime in England means picnic time.

At the first hint of sunshine we’re out. In the parks, the fields, balconies, that tiny patch of light creeping through the window onto the sitting room floor.

We don’t get much sun on our funny little island, so when we do we have to make the most of it!

In the week it might just be a sandwich on a bench, but at weekends you have the time to take your picnics a little more seriously. Not much time, you don’t want to spend hours stuck inside cooking. But enough to make something a bit special.

This pate is a wee bit special, trust me.

Every good cook has their own go-to mackerel pate recipe.

Mine is wildly simple, packs a full on flavour wallop & makes an impressive addition to any posh picnic.

You’ll need:

4 smoked mackerel fillets,

Juice of 2 lemons,

2 tbsp horseradish sauce,

200g butter,

Handfull of chopped coriander,

Handfull of chives,

Good twist of black pepper.

Skin your fillets (give the skins to the dogs, great for their coats), chuck everything into a food processor & whizz until smooth-ish.

Serve in a nautically themed bowl, like this one, with crusty bread & other picnic shaped nibbles.

Don’t tell anyone how simple it was, lap up all the glory.

Even Custard thinks it looks delicious. Don’t you Custard?

Yes. Yes he does.

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