Cannes The Whirlwind

If I had to describe Cannes Film Festival in one word… it would be “whirlwind”.

Everything happens at a mile a minute & you just have to do your best to keep up. As we were leaving Eden Roc after lunch we got a call saying we had snagged a couple seats in the Robert Redford premiere, but the doors were closing in 40mins, did we want them?

Continuing our New Years Resolution to be “yes women” we snapped them up & told our driver to step on it.

30mins later we were skidding barefoot through the lobby & giggling as we ran up the stairs, putting on eyeshadow with our fingers.

Burst into the room, pulled our dresses over our heads, grabbed shoes & jewellary and ran out to the car, waiting in the rain.

We snuck through the gates just as they closed.

A moment too late for poor Kimberley to do her red carpet thang but just enough time to each take a photo to send home to mum.

We were the last to take our seats so had to walk past the director & cast as we went in. Bowing & whispering apologies as we went.

“All is Lost” is about a man lost at sea on a boat. The only character you ever see Robert Redford’s & he barely utters a syllable throughout the whole performance (except to swear now & then and a bit of a voice over).

The film took a little while to get going but once you get the hang of it you’ll be on the edge of your seat trying to hold yourself back from cheering him on. It was incredibly well made.

The star got a standing ovation & the atmosphere in the room was utterly electric. An experience I hope to remember for ever.

After the film we meandered along the front with ice-creams & popped home to change.

Next stop on the whirlwind was a photography exhibition at Baoli Beach.

Which looks very different to how it did last summer! We gorged ourselves on sushi & canapés to save buying dinner (when a Coke is 15euros, you should probably eat as many free canapés as possible!).

These baby lemon meringue pies were unbelievably good.

I ate far more than my fair share before heading over to VIP Room to meet up with some of the guys from an American band called LMFAO.

This place was wild.

We danced, jumped, sang & wiggled until our feet couldn’t carry us anymore.

At about 3am we left the party (which was still in full swing) & headed home for a fiendish amount of room service… so much for saving on dinner!

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