Lunch at Woody’s

Do you remember Trevor from our fishing trip?

Well he’s the newest member of our gang. We love him & have adopted him as an honorary Londoner.

Apparently the feeling is mutual as today he invited us to lunch with one of his oldest friends, Woody.

This meant getting one of the fishing boats to take us across to another island.

The sea was rough as hell. We tossed & turned in our little wooden tub with our fisherman pointing out shark fins & hunks of coral reef appearing from nowhere.

Phoebe & Alex sat at the back screaming & holding on to each other for dear life while Char & I sat huddled at the front with a fit of the church giggles, getting absolutely soaked and bruised… but unable to stop laughing!

Finally we came into the little natural harbour of The Manolo Lailai Islands and the world smoothed itself out again.

This is the biggest island we’ve been on since arriving in Fiji.

Things like roads, cars & even bikes seem like such a novelty now!

It’s a bit fancier here. There are big villas with horizon pools, white sun loungers & big ol’ yachts everywhere you turn. There’s even grass. A real luxury to us little island dwellers.

Is it a house? Is it a boat? Either way, I want one. Trevor lead us up the hill to Woody’s house. An incredible villa with a wrap around pool & frozen cocktails waiting for us on arrival. While the boys caught up, The Londoners cooled off.

Phoebe wears Missguided top , ASOS bottoms , homemade flower crown & Prism sunnies.

I can’t link to Char’s swimmer because she bought it in a little shop years ago, sorry!

My bottoms are ASOS & top is from Topshop, my bracelet was a gift from the islanders on Tavarua.

Teeny tiny Alex is in LOF & Victoria’s Secret & Rayban Wayfarers

Carlo wears Vilebrequin & handmade bunny ears. Woops!

After a good swim, we all sat down to lunch. Andrew is a great cook & whipped up delicious chicken in a flash, before wowing us all with his dinosaur impression.

Courtney is Woody’s niece & Andrew’s girlfriend. Together they all run an awesome catamaran charter company called Coral Cats. I asked if they needed an intern but my lack of sailing ability, questionable map reading skills & non existant grasp of the even the basics of Fijian language hampered me a little. I’m still holding out hope for a call back. We chatted and joked for hours before

Phoebe & I inevitably found our way back to the water again. We rocked back on our chairs a little too far & toppled backwards into the deep end.

Alex & Trevor took the opportunity to cool off too.

Having eaten far more than my fair share of chicken & hot sauce I was tasked with making more cocktails for everyone.

Now I know I haven’t done a recipe in a little while so maybe this can count as one? We call it The Pineapple Hurricane.

Ready? Ok. Add a fea good slugs of Malibu, dark rum & vodka to a blender with lots of pineapple juice. Grab a few handfuls of ice.

*Take the lid off to add the ice, don’t try and fit it through the hole in the top, I found this out the hard way…

Add another little sip of somethin’ somethin’ (if desired) and blend.

Summery heaven in a glass, as modeled by PW.

Don’t drink too many of these, they’re called Hurricanes for a reason.

Char decided she’d like to try surfing, sadly we’ve managed to choose the one week in Fiji’s history when there’s been literally no surf so we took ourselves off for a bike ride down to the marina instead.

Char & I chose our respective boats from Woody’s collection. She went for a beast called “Ready”. I went for a little cream number.

She jumped ship & gallantly I agreed to take her on as crew.

All great pirates need a crazy blonde mermaid, right?

On second thoughts, maybe I should throw this one back… After a very silly afternoon with some of my favourite people in the universe and some new, equally brilliant friends, we made our way back to Tavarua. All our tom-foolery got the better of me, I slipped getting off our fishing boat & dislocated 2 of my toes.

Thankfully our (rather dishy) island medic was on hand to pop my toes back into place (argh!!), while he was down there he very kindly dug out a splinter that’s been giving me gyp for a few days. I’m all plastered up now with lots of painkillers & a drink. I have a feeling I’m going to be called hop-along for the rest of the holiday…

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