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Good morning Londoners!

Yesterday I was minding my own business, checking my Facebook messages and reading up on celebrity gossip (you know for a royal, that Lupo really ought to have better manners) and I came across Mother’s blog.

I saw all your kind words about my previous ramblings and decided it was high time I regale you with some of my more recent adventures.

As always, I shall dictate my story as I still haven’t gotten the hang of a keyboard. I’m living in the country at the moment, so I like to start my mornings with a stroll around the grounds. I check the perimeter, count the trees and check on the livestock. You have to watch the fish particularly carefully, they are not to be trusted.

After my stroll I went back to bed to find Mummy. I snuggled under her arm and wiggled and sniffled until she got up. We’ve always liked to eat breakfast together, and seeing as she’s usually in the city, she makes an extra fuss of me when she’s home. I got to sit up at the counter wearing sunglasses and have some of last night’s chicken…

Boom. Ladies, you know where to find me. Later that day we drove to one of my favourite hills for walkies. Someone stupidly told me that we were going for “waaaallkkiiieeeesss” before we left so my darn tail got the better of me, wagged all over the place and gave away my excitement. Having already embarrassed myself I decided there was nothing to lose… so played Super Dog the whole way there.

I know what you’re thinking. “Does he have a theme tune?” Yes, yes he does. It goes something like this- duuu duuuu duuuummm duuumm dooo ddooooo dddooooooom, dum duuuu dummmm daaaaa dum dum dum dooooool. Got it? Doesn’t it stir you to your very core? Moving on. Having climbed to the top of the hill I met a puppy. We shook hands…


And played.

Stupid puppy.

Doesn’t he know I’m Super Dog?

My agility is unmatched.

My cuddle skills are also second to none. Something I demonstrated with Niamh, Mum’s niece.

Half way through Niamh’s snooze I snuck off to the garden to catch some rays. There is just nothing better than a warm belly, I’m sure you’ll agree.

I woke up just in time to photo bomb Olga. Photo bombing is when you leap into other people’s photos at just the right moment. You can do it to tourists, friends, girls making duck faces… I got Olga doing her “puppy dog eyes”.

Ahh… she’ll be so annoyed when she sees this! Mummy had to work for most of the afternoon. I hate work, so stared at her like this for almost 2 hours.

It didn’t work, so I gave up and went off to eat one of her socks. I came back in the early evening and tried this pose…

She cracked. She said it was my “most interesting dog in the world” pose, put the laptop down and snuggled me infront of the fire. That’s my favourite thing. I may even like it more than chicken. Maybe. .

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