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If you’re an iPhone user, or you have a friend with an iPhone, you need this app! It’s the new, easy-peasy way to make cinematic .gifs (or Harry Potter style moving pictures to you & me!). Aptly named ‘ Cinemagram ‘, I have a feeling it’s going to take the blogging world by storm over the next few months. Remember the Instagram explosion? Yea, well this will do the same. I’ve only just downloaded it & haven’t had much time to play, but popped outside to capture the breeze…

Other users have some much better examples…

My personal favourite, by valentinadep

I do have a few buts…I don’t think it will ever be quite as popular as Instagram, simply because it’s significantly more difficult to make something cool, whereas a monkey with an iPhone can take great Insta-pics.I also have a problem the sharing function. When you share your Cinemagram, friends can click on it and watch your creation… but Cinemagram don’t attribute it to you. It doesn’t say “Made by John” and give an option to follow John.Effectively this just means that users feel a little insignificant and there isn’t much of a community feel about the experience.(The .gifs in the blog post are embedded directly from Cinemagram, but I can’t leave usernames because it doesn’t tell me who made them!)But, seeing as it’s relatively new, we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they’re looking into it.None the less, it is great fun & if you have a blog, Tumblr or busy Twitter account, you can share something that feels truly magical.Download the app here, follow RosieTheLondoner & the far more advanced Valentinadep and then leave me a comment with your username so I can find you!.

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