Mother’s Day DIY

If you’re a Brit, then you are probably more than aware that Mother’s Day is on Sunday.
That’s THIS Sunday, kids.
If you weren’t aware then you should be ashamed of yourself.
Give yourself a slap on the wrist… and relax, I’ve got you covered.
My mum, like every other mum, mom & mama on the planet loves a handmade gift.
So here’s what I propose you do.
Print out one of these badboys (click on them to get bigger versions), pop it in a big white frame & grab a whiteboard marker.
**NB. You’ll need a frame with
(not plastic) about A4 size **
Wrap it all up with a big, pretty bow & save it for Sunday.
I’ve given you 5 colours to choose from…





Pick the one that suits her best.
Make sure mum keeps the wipe clean marker just by the frame.
I know you love her too much to give her just one reason, so now you get to rub it out & update it every time you see her!
Can’t you just
the brownie points raining down upon you?!
Americans, don’t panic! Your Mother’s Day isn’t until 13th May, but you’re more than welcome to use one of these too.

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