The 3 Stages of Draw Something Addiction

Unless you’ve been living under a particularly heavy rock, you will know what Draw Something is.
An iPhone/Android app, it’s a hybrid between Pictionary, Scrabble & crack.
Presumably invented by the devil to enslave us all, Zynga (the company behind Farmville) are about to buy them out, meaning it’s only going to get more addictive.
The important thing is to recognise your addiction & get out while you still can.
These are the three stages of Draw Something addiction…

Stage One
The Unbeliever
Having been bullied into downloading this ‘Draw Something’ thing by a friend (who’s firmly in stage 2), You download the free app. You’re not the sort of sucker who pays for stuff like this, after all.
You poke around a little draw a few basic drawings & soon it dawns on you…


Stage Two
The Preacher
THIS IS AMAZING! Holy potatoes this is the best thing you have ever played!
You tell all your friends to sign up & start sending everyone your username. Of course by now you’ve given in and bought the real app, “Helloooo, 400 free gold coiiinnnss!”.
You’ve bought a few more colour pallets & your squiggles are starting to resemble works of art, even if you do say so yourself.


Occasionally you write little messages “Dude, we are freaking AWESOME at this!!” before scrapping the page & getting “Ahem, I think you mean Drawsome! WINKY FACE” back.
Hohoho, that swine!
Hours pass by as you sit hunched over your phone, with furrowed brow & your tongue poking out… juuust a little.


You my friend are slipping into Stage Three.
Stage Three
The Grinch
“OK, OK, I’ll get to you in a SECOND!”, the line up of 30 friends that was so much fun a couple days ago is now worse than mortgage repayments.
What do these people expect? Don’t they know how popular you are? Da Vinci never had to put up with this sort of crap (probably).


You’ve stopped smiling & cocking your head to the side as people draw. Now you switch the letters around repeatedly, hoping maybe you can guess faster that they can draw, BUSY ARTIST OVER HERE, PEOPLE.
When friends guess your drawings it’s because you’re a fantastic player, when you guess theirs it’s because you’re intellectually superior, “Ha! I knew it was ‘scrabble’ when he drew that squiggly red line, you can’t rely on people’s drawings you know, one must rely on one’s wits!”
Of course, if you don’t guess theirs it’s because the drawing was useless and if they don’t get yours, well your references were just too sophisticated.


You already know most of the words the game will throw at your partner, and judge them as they draw. “THAT is supposed to be Madonna?? Where’s THE CONE BRA??!”
Anyone who you haven’t reached level 30 with is quickly discarded, hey you gotta be tough. It’s a draw eat draw world out there, you can’t afford to carry dead weight.


Don’t worry, after a few days/weeks/months of this, you’ll lose interest.
The first step is recognising your addiction & admitting it.
I’m Rose & I’m a Draw Something addict. I would tell you my username BUT I JUST DON’T HAVE TIME, OK??!

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