Box of Tricks

This weekend a few of my friends & I headed out to The Box in Soho, to play. 

I’ve blogged about The Box before, it’s an eclectic, speakeasy style burlesque nightclub which I suppose I would describe as… 

Dita von Teese meets Marilyn Manson, which we know is a great mix, seeing as they married. 

I wore an Urban Outfitters oversized Tshirt as a dress. 

They’ve sold out but Topshop have a similar one here.

Blue blazer by Theory,

Kinky little buckle up shoes by Aldo. 

Pre drinks with the boys


Pretty awesome lamp, if you ask me.  

Is that a strange thing to photograph? I loved it! 

The lovely Elsa 

Horribly out of focus.

However the girls look beyond gorgeous, so I’ll allow it. 

The show begins… 

I don’t have any photos past this point because my camera was wrestled from my wee hands by a very cross bouncer. You aren’t allowed photos in The Box, they take this very seriously. 

If you get a chance to go, you really should. 

I’d recommend it to anyone… unless you’re shy, dislike nudity, midgets, transexuals, circus acts, tattoos or paparazzi. 

If so, give it a miss. 


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