Picnic in the Snow, Sweden

Much of our time at The Treehotel was spent chilling.

The sun sets not long after lunch and it gets dark fast. Leaving you with nothing to but cosy up beside the fire or snuggle up in your treehouse with a good book, watching flurries of snow caught in shafts of cool moonlight outside. (If you’re looking for a good book, I read this one and loved it.)

It’s a funny thing but having so few hours of daylight available, means you really make the most of them.

Keen to do just that and to see a little more of the surrounding winter wonderland, we set off on an adventure.

Begrudgingly waving goodbye to the treetops…

… and heading out into the unknown, with a picnic, flasks of hot tea, coffee and chocolate (you can never be too prepared!) and a never ending playlist of 70s classics.

Through the eerie mists of the late sunrise.

And into the sugar dusted dream world that is Northern Sweden.

We set our sights on a nature reserve about an hour away, but didn’t get far before having to pull over and explore increasingly spectacular landscapes.

^ Cabin fever!

We drove through surreally beautiful spaces, some that didn’t even feel close to being real.

Everything made that little bit more awe-inspiring by the faint light.

I don’t know if I’ve ever been anywhere so deafeningly quiet.

Every cabin we passed I wanted to stop beside, move into and never leave!


Sorel coat

Fair Isle jumper

World’s warmest leggings

Faux fur ski boots

We continued on through Candyland, mindful of our ticking clock counting down to sunset.

And finally passed into Storforsen.

Home to Europe’s biggest rapids.

Quite terrifying there are, too!

A mass of angry, green, blue, deep, writhing water.

Peering over the edge it’s tough not to get a sense of vertigo and feel pulled to fall head first into the middle, never to be seen again.

Oh, it’s also freezing.

I mean so. so. cold.

The wind picks up the spray and flings it onto you as ice, cutting into your cheeks, turning your hair and eyelashes to icicles.

So naturally we decided to find a spot a little further downstream for our picnic!

Cosying up beside each other with a pot of coffee for him, a pot of hot chocolate for me.

And one of the most spectacular views you could ever ask for.

We stuck around for a little while, keeping our eyes peeled for wildlife.

Though this is as close as we got…

…I guess we otter come back another time.

Soon the sky started to turn its Swedish candyfloss pink, and we took it as a sign to head off.

Racing the setting sun home.

Back to our little house in the trees.

Warm, inviting and made extra cosy with leftover cocoa.

I think I could get used to life in the wilderness.

How about you? Wood cabin life appeal?


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  • so beautiful! it sure does look extremely cold but rather breathtaking….the coziness of it all would most definitely appeal 🙂 xx

  • Those ski boots are EPIC Rosie! What a magical place!


  • Oh my goodness – this is so pretty it doesn’t even look real! Although you’re super brave to venture outside when it’s so cold, I would definitely be tempted to spend all day snuggled in bed xx


  • All of these photos are so beautiful! X

  • I think I say this every time, but your photos are just gorgeous! That light! And that sunset.. <3 I would love to stay in a tree house one day – it sounds so magical! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • What a stunning location! You found the perfect spot for a little bite!


  • What an absolute fairy tale picnic!

  • Cabin life would be amazing! I’d probably have a hard time with the cold weather but it’s so picturesque!

  • Oh my goodness, that sunset is absolutely breathtaking, how is this place even real? It’s gorgeous and magical.

    Stephanie | Une Cherette

  • Alexis Dionne Ali

    These pictures are breathtaking! A Christmas in Sweden has rapidly risen to the top of my bucket list. Thanks for sharing!

  • Oh my god, this is breathtaking. These photos are absolutely stunning. I would LOVE to spend some time there and recreate your little adventure, it looks right up my street! x

  • Jet

    That looks so amazing…and so so freezing! Love the moon boots!


  • This place looks incredible!


  • Jana Gr.

    This is sooo soooo beautiful! Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures!

  • Haaa, yes, so beautiful ! *-*
    A perfect place to spend a couple of cosy days.
    But I must admit that I would be too afraid to turn myself into a snow(wo)man to stay here forever. 😀

  • Sunset and snow are the best combo. Oh but that candy floss look took my breathe away:)


  • Lunilum

    Oh such beautiful photos! Reading this really made me miss home .. ㅠㅠ those cozy dark winters x) <3

  • Simone Rosini

    This place is amaaaazing!!
    Miki x


  • Jeanne

    Truly breathtaking.

  • Christa Sagmoe

    Looks absolutely magical! So many beautiful pictures. All of the posts about your Sweden trip have been amazing!

    Christa | http://theavidpen.com

  • The colours of the sky in these pictures is just surreal. So utterly beautiful.

  • Looks SO cold but beautiful! What a backdrop!

  • This looks like the most peaceful day, as if no emails or phone calls would make the way into your life! Katie x