Festive Party Dresses

Party season is here!

Whether you’re planning a month long bonanza of 3 parties a night or saving yourself for New Year’s Eve, you need a killer party dress (or three) in your arsenal.

Sequins and sparkles haven’t been this in since the seventies, so you really ought to make the most of it!

This dress sold out so fast after I posted it on Stories, and I haven’t found an identical equivalent. If you’re really set on something slinky and shimmery, try this?

Just be sure to wrap up in something snuggly for your grand arrival.

*ahem* Allow me to introduce you to my early Christmas pressie

…to me, love me! Xx Just incase I’ve been too naughty for Santa to bother with.

Below you’ll find some of my favourite festive picks, to suit all styles and budgets.

Here’s to a great party, wherever yours may be!

For New Year’s eve itself I will be far away in the land of snow and ice, so will be opting for Moonboots over butterfly sandals!

What are you up to?

Spill your plans below and I’ll choose a commenter to send a little gift to. I should have organised a proper Christmas giveaway but thought I might just start doing these little ones now and then as a surprise. Something a bit special for the regulars! *Winner chosen Friday eve* (CLOSED – Actually chose two winners : Eileen Teh & Kaczka)

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  • It`s the first Christmas with my little one, so lots of hugs & family dinners are the main plans!! 🙂 I love the black dress!! 🙂

    • 0x0hattie0x0

      It’s my first christmas with my baby girl as well. 🙂 Wish you a wonderful time!

  • Emily Law

    Love the Butterfly sandals, I have the pink ones!! For New Years this year I’m kidnapping my boyfriend to the Scottish Highlands for his first Hogmenay, and an introduction to my wonderful yet sometimes crazy Scottish family. Hope you have fun in the snow!!
    Emily x

  • Jen Hill

    St. Paul’s for carols this evening, and then back to the Barbaric north (my boyfs expression for above Watford…) for spaniels, mince pies and lots and lots of board games (seriously Rosie with all your travel get Port Royal, the perfect 2 person travel game).
    Merry Christmas!
    Xx Jen

  • Lareb Sabir Usman

    Fireworks at the Burj Khalifa ! First New Year in Dubai 😀

  • I’m really excited about Christmas this year cos it’s my hubby’s 40th birthday – I’m flying him to Dublin next week to celebrate and he has no idea! I can’t believe I’ve managed to keep it a secret!

  • Jet

    New years is one my of my favourite celebrations- I usually go to a house party and we have cocktails and spill all our secrets (!) but this year I’m going to Hawaii on a solo trip and I can’t wait to lay on the beach. I’ve got the red flamenco dress and the winged shoes in my bag anyway but I think I will have to wear them for my birthday party when I get home x


  • Isobel Crossley

    I’m not surprised that dress sold out so quick, it’s stunning,
    I will be spending Christmas with the family in the highlands of Scotland, playing in the snow during the day, (attempting to keep my winning streak in a snow ball fight, against my brothers) and snuggling under blankets by the fire in the evening. We might even sneak in a skiing expedition, and of course visiting the local reindeer herd, which is compulsory for our family. Hope you have a gorgeous Christmas too, and I can’t wait to see all your pics.

  • Oh the winged shoes! They are just something else! And I’m sure would keep dancing feet light all night :p

    I’ve found that New Look have actually been doing some really good festive dresses this season – it’s not somewhere I’d normally shop, but I’ve unexpectedly picked up two dresses recently (one of which was a real nightmare to get my paws on!) and I’m so so pleased with them. They also have a huge sale on at the mo too so definitely worth a look.

    I’d really like to find some (reasonably priced) OTT glittery earrings – does anyone have any recommendations??

    KatieJane | Soup&Champagne

  • Harriet

    For the festive period I’m heading to the Scottish countryside, my Mum has just moved up there, and we’re hoping for a white Christmas! Love the coat you treated yourself to!

  • Chantal

    Beautiful collection of dresses! Now wishing I hadn’t already picked out all the dresses needed for the various parties this season! New Year’s eve this year is going to be a small cocktail & games house party for our nearest and dearest, who have already invited themselves over! Filled with silly games, all the christmas lights on and sparkling away, the cat trying to pull the tree decorations off, and a few* special custom cocktails (*many!)) Have a great time in the snow and ice! xxx

  • Cordelia Brown

    Watching the fireworks on Sydney Harbour with friends, family and plenty of champagne xx

  • My dad has recently moved to Spain so I will be spending Christmas and New Year’s in a somewhat warmer climate! Temperatures still go up to about 15 degrees this time of year, let’s see how much festive cheer I can bring! 😀

  • Deanna

    We usually spend Christmas and New Years in the tropics, but this year we’re heading to Berlin. I’m not sure I’m ready for the cold, but it’s too late to change to somewhere warm.

  • Daisy-Blue Tinne

    Champagne & canapes at home – oysters, truffled arancini, burrata & bellota ham to name a few. Sparkles mandatory, any excuse!

  • Rebecca

    I’ll be spending it with my grandfather by taking him out to dinner and watching fireworks. We lost my mum and grandma recently so we will be thankful for those we have had in our lives and those still here.

  • You look amazing!

    x Mariya


  • Heather Rachel Chalmers

    All of these have given me serious inspiration for a Black Tie do I’m heading to… although New Years will be spent knee deep in moving boxes helping my lovely Mumma move house. The Glamour never stops, but upcycling furniture and using work inspiration (I work at Robert Kime.. across from La Poule au Pot!) to jazz up her new place…. now I just need to get her on the Wild at heart website for a friendly fluffy companion!

  • afoks

    I don’t have any swanky enough events to wear these too this year – the fella & I are planning a gorgeous NYE in this year with heaps of snacks (i’m thinking cheese fondue) & fizz, with festive films & games. Maybe I’ll grab one to just wear around the house! Have a fab trip in the snow – V.V.V jealous! Xx

  • Olivia

    Ill be shoop shoop shooping in Canada on my first ski trip with my boyfriend

  • Oooh all of these are absolutely BEAUT Rosie! I will be back home on the Isle of Wight, with a cheeseboard, mulled wine and the fam and boyf. Nothing too fancy, but my idea of a perfect evening! Immy x


  • Judie Loveday

    I have no idea what the plan is this New Year’s Eve. Might go watch the fireworks around the harbour (Sydney) or may just stay home. It’s my birthday on New Year’s Day so I get lots of texts just after midnight, which is nice.

  • Spending New Years with my best friend who’s just returned from 3 years in Australia/NZ, we haven’t decided if we want a fancy night out in Knightsbridge or a pyjama party at home in Clerkenwell! Hope you have a wonderful time in the snow! I wish I was skiing this year 🙁 xxx

  • Nicole Ogrin

    No New Years plans yet but I am on the lookout for a fancy dress for an LGBT Gala I plan every January! Love the black one shoulder bow dress! Enjoy your snowy NYE.

  • For NYE this year I’m throwing a big ole party at my new house in London. Having only just moved here two months ago to start my dream job, I’ve found my dream housemates too! I never would have thought I would gain two amazing friends purely by chance, so we’re celebrating by throwing a shindig at ours to ring in the New Year. Complete with fireworks watching, sparkler twirling and champagne sipping from the roof terrace! I think 2018 is going to be the best one yet. Merry Christmas to you x x

  • Emma

    Gorgeous dresses Rosie! This will be the first Christmas since my Grandad passed away. Christmas morning I will be waking up on the sofa as I’m letting my Nan have my bed, couldn’t have her waking up on her own! Will spend the day eating lots of stuffing, pigs in blankets, cheese and wine with my family, boyfriend and more family later in the day. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Rosie! x

  • I really like the off the shoulder dress! X

  • Amie

    Adore the sandals!! NYE I will be attending a ‘Rewind to the 80’s night’ (even though I am a 90’s baby)
    Have a great Christmas and New Year x

  • Meredith

    I would love to know where the glittery dress is from just in case it ever comes back into stock, I’m obsessed!!

  • Meredith

    My boyfriend and I have decided not to go out so we’re probably going to get some champagne and snacks and watch movies 🙂 although now i’m tempted to dress up anyway!

  • Rachel Schlosser

    Christmas with the family and New Years with the friends!

  • Sandra Guerin

    I’m really into the holiday spirit this year – but have just managed to find myself a dress to wear! Shoes are quite the challenge though, so I’m grateful for the above suggestions… Now to hope I’ve been good enough for Santa to bother with me 😉
    xx Sandra | Cake + Whisky

  • LOVE that sparkly dress; I wish I had a celebration to wear something like that to. No New Years plans yet, but I’m sure something fun will come up since it’s a good friends birthday!

  • Jennifer

    Heading to my sister’s new house for Christmas (my little nephew’s first!). New Year’s Eve is looking like a solo Netflix and champagne affair, but I usually prefer it that way : )

  • Amanda

    My plans are champagne and time with my hubby at home!

  • Britta Schiemann

    A fun little NYE gala at the Fairmont Empress in Victoria, BC!

  • Love your blog! So fun to see it change and evolve over the years. A friend is having a dinner party between Christmas and New Years, and it’s a rather fancy affair. Should be fun!!

  • Going back to snowy Italy to spend Xmas with my family, but then back to Paris to celebrate my man’s 30th birthday with his family, champagne and oysters (or lobster)… And a little 1 years old niece! New Year’s Eve? Nice dinner with old friends, my all time favorite way to celebrate. Good wine, good music, beautiful Christmas decorations… and dancing, of course.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

  • Jamie

    Beautiful dresses and your shoe collection is to die for!!

  • Emma Deshaires

    First Christmas in Copenhagen, then New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam
    I love the black dress !!!

  • paulina

    I just moved in with new roommates, so we are having a glam party at home.. with extra special champagne!

  • That little black dress is perfect! I can just see it pair with sparkly boots.

    For Christmas, my husband and I are keeping it very low-key. We will do a dinner out Christmas Eve then watch “White Christmas” afterwards. As for the day itself, I’ll make some breakfast, we will open gifts and Facetime with family back home.

  • awww your little Christmas surprise at the end is too cute 🙂 i just looked through your tree house posts and OMG i need to start a gofundme page to spend a night in that magical snowy wonderland!!! amazing! as always rosie, love your posts, and you look goooorgeous in this post 🙂 xx Michelle

  • Molly Hutchinson

    I’m also opting for a cosy NYE this year, and I can’t wait! Btw… those sparkly Louboutin’s are to die for!!!!

  • Alex Breslin

    It’s a toss up between a fantastic party or just staying in for a cozy night at home, but either way, there will be plenty of champagne!!!

  • Emily

    Beutiful outfits as always, Rosie! New Years Eve I will be getting married- We couldn’t be more thrilled. Then I will be moving across seas in the new year! Lots to look forward to in 2018. Cheers! X

  • Heather Thompson Potts

    Hi Rosie, I first wanted to say thanks for the blog. I pop on all the time- it has become my escape from reality. Very pleasant just to read about your travels. (And your recipes- i have three to try over break!). I’m in San Francisco but my husband travels to London frequently for work and i now keep a “Rosie’s Recs” folder in my email noting places you have blogged about that I want to try the next time i tag along! For New Years we will be skiing in Lake Tahoe (either backcountry or at Squaw Valley). If you are ever back in California I can’t praise Tahoe enough- to me, one of the most beautiful places on earth. I hope you have a lovely New Years and look forward to reading about your 2018!

  • Those dresses. I can’t pick which one I like better!

  • Olivia

    Beautiful dresses!
    I shall definitely be purchasing one of those, im spending NYE with my boyfriend, meeting all his friends AND parents for the first time, so I definitely need one of those dresses to impress in!

    Merry Christmas lots of love xxxxx

  • 0x0hattie0x0

    Love all the dresses 🙂 But do you know how hard it is to find a nice christmas/new years eve dress you can breastfeed in and still look great 🙂 You never know until you have a baby and you’re on the hunt for something…
    I wish you a wonderful christmas and New Year!

  • Hazel Lindsey

    Such a shame the sparkly dress sold out! Thanks for all the dress ideas though 🙂

  • Roxanne Schreiber

    I will be ringing in the New Year at a Studio 54 themed soirée with a ton of fabulous theatrical people! Oh and I’ll be wearing a killer 1970’s velvet smoking jacket dress that belonged to my Mum!! Have fun in the snow! xoRox

  • I can’t wait to see all your seasonal snowy NYE snaps, but I can’t be more excited for mine this year. I’m having the usual Christmas at home with my parents (though we won’t be having a tree, or much of a Christmas lunch this year because the house is still being renovated) but unless something goes horribly wrong with the last of the paperwork by NYE my boyfriend and I should be moved into our first home together having a quiet one in a new part of town (about to become a West Londoner!) at home, together! (Hope you’re good by the way since last we spoke!)

  • Anja

    Im spending Christmas and New Years away from freexing Norway and exchanging that for palmtrees and pineapples in Hawaii 🙂

  • Njomza Dauti

    I’m from Europeso this year I’ll be joining some friends in my favorite city: NYC!!!!
    Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Cremaluisa

    love all the shoes!!!.Have a wonderful Christmas.

  • Sarah Collett | SBC Marketing

    Love all the sparkles! We’re heading south from Yorkshire to London to spend Christmas with my sister who’ll be working at St. Georges Hospital over Christmas and in need of a little festive cheer! Merry Christmas to you and your family, Sarah xx

  • Camille Weterings

    I live in Australia, my husband however is from the Netherlands, so I’ll be taking him up the river to our friends shack for an Aussie outback New Year, complete with nudie-runs at midnight through the almond orchard. I have a feeling you’ll enjoy our chosen theme…nautical, only blue and white allowed. Have the best festive season! Camille, xx

  • I just love too much this golden dress ! *-*
    Perfect for the holiday season !

    And thank you for this little christmas giveway for the regulars ; that’s lovely ! 🙂

  • Kirsten

    We’re spending NYE at a wine estate in the magnificent Franschhoek region of the Cape Winelands in South Africa. (I live here :))

    If you ever visit, I have buckets full of tips for you!

  • Becky

    NYE with our besties – three couples trying to wrestle three kids into bed by 9pm so that we can have our ‘grown up party juice’ once they are asleep – hands up who thinks we’ll be more like to hit the hot chocolate than the hard liquor! 😉

  • Leanne

    So many beautiful outfit options. My Hogmanay won’t be quite so glamorous this year. I’m going to see the fireballs in Stonehaven where locals swing big balls of fire (now i’m singing ‘you shake my nerves and you rattle my brain’) up and down the high street then into the harbour. It will be rather chilly as it is Scotland, so lots of cosy layers for me but i’ll try and sneak in some sparkle somewhere.

    Hope you have an amazing time in the land of ice 🙂

  • Steph Dearing

    Going to Southampton for a couple of days over New Years, staying on my friend’s dad’s boat. Sounds far more glamorous than it actually is as I don’t have the best sea legs.. wish me luck! 🙂 x

  • Fran McK

    First New Years in Oz so will be hot, hot, hot!

  • Cady

    This NYE I currently have NO PLANS, which honestly is kind of refreshing. I’ll be perfectly content to sit by my fire this year and watch the ball drop from my tv… orrrrrrrrr I’m (secretly) hoping to be asked out by this one special person to celebrate somewhere magical! Cheers to the New Year!

  • RebGa

    Lovely dresses- I will be ringing in the New Year in a cabin with the best of friends…replete with champagne toasts in pajamas!!

  • Amy Capper

    I’ll be in Edinburgh for Hogmanay!

  • Already looking forward to hearing about your NYE! I’ll have my friends around me at a local bar, currently deciding between smart casual or going all out! Glitter will be involved either way 🙂

  • Ella Simpson

    Cosy night in with old friends and takeaway food…but all getting dressed up because we can’t resist! There will definitely be a sparkly theme which extends beyond the champagne 🙂 🙂 xx

  • Rebecca Nicholson

    I will be spending Hogmanay at the Kilchrenan Inn on Loch Awe! Looking forward to a good ceilidh!

  • Rachel Burdett-Smith

    We will be having a lovely cosy Hogmany up in Scotland in front of the fire. Hoping for a little bit of snow ourselves!

  • natalie

    We rented a super lux appartment with two others couples at the sea. So winter walks, Sauna and cooking together will be on the menue!!!

  • Melody Nauahi

    Spending Christmas with 8 little grand children and their grandpa. Best Christmas ever with them all.

  • Therese Detje

    Dear Rosie,
    I’ll be spending Christmas and New Years in Seoul, South Korea with my two sisters and our parents. They moved there a year ago and I’m looking forward to how they celebrate over there. Apparently it’s one big party! I’m really looking forward to seeing my family again (I live in London, one sister in Copenhagen, the other in Melbourne) and also can’t wait to eat kimchi and all the Korean BBQ…
    Love Therese

  • I’ll be home, with my sweetie enjoying a lot of peace & quiet and very good wine!

  • Erica

    Honeymooning in Grenada, but we’ll be back just in time for Christmas! Enjoy the snow!

  • Liselotte Ballesteros

    Itll be my first Christmas away from my family, ill miss my sisters, parents and grandparents so much this year. But ill be ok because ill have my very loving and caring husband with me 🙂 merry christmas Rosie!

  • Kati Schpunkt

    My boyfriend and I will go to a small, but beautiful German island – Sylt. We spent there our first New Year’s eve together – already six years ago.

  • Katelyn Hawkins-Wythe

    The hubby and I are going from our home town in Alaska to the sandy beaches of Fiji! Not a honeymoon, as we did that last year, just an escape from the cold and snow. Living in AK, we are ready from a break from ours! We plan to see about partnering with a group there who are bringing clean water to some of the smaller villages, but I also plan to drink out of a coconut every day and spend as much time in the ocean as possible. We leave tomorrow and I am beside myself with excitement!

  • Weronika

    For Christmas I’m going back home to spend it with my family and for New Year’s Eve going to Budapest to spend it with my best friend that i haven’t seen for half a year!:)

  • Jennifer

    I’ll be seeing in the NY with loved ones, sparkles, and plenty of Tokaji! Merry festive period all!



  • Jessie

    I will be going to New Zealand (you should absolutely go for a holiday there!!). Christmas by a pool in the sun with pavlova and a barbecue, then off to Waiheke Island for New Years. We also have a new baby niece to celebrate with – bring on Christmas!! 🙂

  • The first dress is absolutely gorgeous! Xx