What to Pack for a Ski Trip

A quick mini post for anyone lucky enough to be skipping off to the slopes this season.

NB. The rest of us hate you. 

But never the less, here are a few bits and bobs you might want to take along!

A really great ski suit.

Go retro in a onesie, opt for a chic two piece or mellow out in some snowboard gear. 


They key to staying warm and comfortable on the slopes is layers. Lots of lovely layers. Uniqlo do great basics (go for “heattech”) and I’ll pop some more fun options below, too. 


Fairweather skiers are fine with shades, don’t be tempted to skip them – snow blindness is no joke. Anyone a bit more adventurous needs goggles. 


You can always rent a helmet when you get there, but take a hat even if you just wear it for apre-ski. 

Ski gloves.

Not the wool ones you wear at home, those will get real soggy real fast. Invest in some really good ski gloves. 

Ski socks.

So important, very different animals to regular socks. Buy proper ones and your shins & toes can write me a thank you note in the new year. 

Lounge wear.

Something comfortable but somewhat sophisticated for lounging around the chalet after a hard day on the slopes. 

Party wear!

Something to wear in the bars and restaurants around the resorts, just be sure to cover up with a big coat when bustling between them! 

Snow boots.

Cosy boots to stomp around the resort in, when you’re not shooshing past. 

All very basic stuff, and probably only helpful to those headed for the Bunny Slopes, but whether you’re a downhill racer or just someone who likes to relax with a hot chocolate and watch people fall over – I’ve popped some current season faves below.

Beauty kit.

Facial sunscreen, lip salve, moisturiser, the works. Your skin takes a beating at altitude, with the full sun, icy winds and freezing temperatures. Take care. 

Happy skiing!

Pour a cold one for me!

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  • Jet

    Love the N.B section…so true haha. I’m not skiing this year unfortunately but I wish I was! The only only other thinges I would add to the list is an extension cable – I always take one so that you only ever need one charger and there’s no fighting over who needs their phone charging more haha.


  • Where was this post last year when I went on my first ski trip?! Knowing what to pack is hard but I think you got everything you need! Katie x

  • For thermal tops, I would really recommend the ‘heatgen’ tops in M&S – they come in loads of cute colours (some with some sparkle), are really fitted (so surprisingly flattering) and have long cozy sleeves. Only thing is, they tend to sell out super fast in the smaller sizes – I always grab them whenever I see them as I know they won’t be there later. Anyway, they’re really good for skiing.

    The Piz Buin suncream lip balm is also a bit of an essential – never underestimate how strong the sun is up a mountain!

    Has anyone seen the Sweaty Betty ski suits? Are they actually warm or more of a ‘fashion’ item?

    KatieJane | Soup&Champagne

  • Can’t wait to hit the slope either this winter. That packing list is great!


  • I loved seeing your ski adventures on InstaStories 🙂


  • Such great fashion picks! I’m off in January and this has made me even more excited! xx

    Sincerely, Sarah xx

  • Disha

    Hoping to go skiing in my final year of uni so have got this post bookmarked for when the time eventually comes! Do you have any tips for beginners?

    Dear Disha: My Year Abroad Diary

  • I remember you featuring that Perfect Moment merino star print jumpsuit last year and I fell in love with it then. Still in love with it now, still well out of my price range! One day! X

    Ellie x