Autumn Beauty

Gloomy weather doesn’t need to leave you gloomy.

It’s the time of year for leaf crunching, puddle jumping, knitwear cuddling and deep berry lip kissing.

I think it’s good to have a seasonal clear-out of old makeup and beauty bits. Get rid of the empties, give up on the experiments that just didn’t work and treat yourself to a little something new.

So, back by popular demand, here’s my beauty cabinet favourites that take me from grey to… well, technicolour!

Chunky knit cardigan

Brown belt // Skinny jeans

OTK boots

Starting, as all beauty routines should, with skincare.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with the entire contents of my lotions & potions apothecary, so these are just some of my current favourites.

Malin+Goetz natural deodorant.

Having read so much about just how awful “real” deodorants are for us, I’m giving natural deo a go. I tried a few different ones and this is really the only one I liked.

The eucalyptus is lovely and cooling, smells so fresh and feels really nice on your skin.

I must admit however that for the gym I still reach for the Dove spray on, but the M+G is great for day to day use.

La Prairie Luxe body cream (UK/US)

A real luxury, but I love it so much! It comes with a very handy little scoop, glides on like silk, dries quickly and leaves my skin so soft and glowy. Part of my nightly ritual.

La Mer soft cream (UK/US)

I recently saw a dermatologist to try and cut through all of the marketing out there and find out what’s actually worth the money and what’s just branding.

He swore blind that this face cream is the bomb.

Yes it’s expensive, but a pot lasts me ages and since waving my 20s goodbye I’ve decided to take my skincare a little more seriously.

La Mer Mist (UK/US)

A refreshing mist that adds a little pep to your mornings, amazing for long haul travel!

Mr Londoner borrows it for a cooling spritz after shaving, too.

Glossier lip balm.

Simple, lovely lip balm that comes in fab packaging from a great skincare brand.

Due to launch in the UK in the next few days, so wait rather than ordering now and paying for shipping!

The Ordinary Salicylic Acid

The miracle ointment! When you feel a spot coming, dot some of this on and it’ll be gone in no time.

Cheap as chips, too.

Aerin Evening Rose D’Or (UK/US)

This scent has cast a spell on me. I just cannot get enough of it, I find myself mid-conversation with my face nestled into the neck of my jumper just breathing it in!

Rose based, but not grannyish. It’s deep, complex sexy and spiced.

The ultimate “oh you smell nice!” compliment magnet!

Jo Malone English Oak & Redcurrant candle (UK/US)

Less skincare, more wellbeing. A lovely, autumnal scent, properly cosy and nice to have on your dressing table.

Now then, make up!

I must admit that I don’t always wear makeup, in fact if I don’t have any events, shoots or meetings than I most definitely won’t. I just go through my skincare routine and leave it at that. For all the younger readers out there who dread getting older, believe the media madness that there’s nothing worse than turning 30… I have good news!

It’s awesome.

I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin, less worried about how I look or what anyone else thinks of me.

I’m happier, more confident, more relaxed and kinder to myself than I ever was in my early 20s. The world wants you to think that it’s all downhill from 25, but I can tell you that the view is pretty great from up here! Not one of my girlfriends disagree, so y’know it’s not just me. You have a lot to look forward to, though it’s never too early (or late) to start being nicer to yourself.

So. When I do wear makeup, I want it to be pretty great. I don’t want it sliding off in the day, giving me spots or making fine lines into great big canyons!

Here’s what’s in my day-to-day makeup bag right now.

Victoria Beckham for Estee primer

You should really be able to get this stuff on prescription, it is life changing!

Part moisturiser, part primer it’s a healthy post-spa glow in a bottle. It works on all skin colours and just brightens you up for the day ahed. It’ll make your foundation go on smoother, too.

YSL Cushion Foundation

The only foundation I’ll use at the moment. It goes on beautifully, it’s not thick or cakey and it’s easy to use on the go.

Light coverage allows freckles to shine through, it just smooths out any imperfections or funny colouring.

Combined with YSL Touche Eclait under eyes and on any blemishes.

Estee Bronze Goddess Bronzer (UK/US)


The perfect bronzer, gently shimmery and a beautiful natural colour.

Estee Illuminating Highlighter

A swipe of this across your cheekbones and a quick stripe down the middle of your nose will make so much difference, you’ll be amazed.

Rather than the popular heavy contouring that you see across social media these days, this is a very wearable, healthy glow alternative. Rather than a mask of makeup, it just highlights what you’ve already got.

They’ve changed the packaging since I got mine, but it still seems to be the same product.

If you’re looking for makeup brushes, you can’t go wrong with Real Techniques.

Bobbi Brown waterproof eyeliner

Glides on beautifully, doesn’t budge all day. Really all I ask of an eyeliner!

Estee Envy Lash mascara

Designed to be layered. Swipe on a little for work, then build it up for a more dramatic evening look.

Day lippies:

Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Dusty Pink

Totally fool proof lipstick! Sort of like a big crayon, it goes on quite sparingly in a creamy, matte finish. Made with shea butter it’s almost a non-sticky, non-greasy balm more than a lipstick. They’ve got lovely dark colours for autumn, but I’m quite partial to the dusty rose for day use.

Trish McEvoy Liquid Lip Colour in Mauve

Beautiful matte lip colour, looks very natural and doesn’t smudge.

This one’s particularly good if we’re out taking pictures, as it just defines lips (which can often disappear in pictures!) without being too bold.

Night lipstick:

You really cannot go wrong with YSL lip colours. They truly are the masters! The deep, velvety pigments are perfect for evenings and events.

Bobbi Brown Downtown Cool eyeshadow pallet

Great for taking a day look into evening and creating a natural(ish) smokey eye. Easy to throw in your bag, no fiddly little pots required.

Tanya Burr Body Illuminator 

I’m a huge fan of Tanya’s products, particularly the nail colours, stick highlighters and lip colours. But if I had to choose just one, this would be it.

A creamy, beautiful, shimmery cream to smooth over décolletage for a healthy glow. It accentuates an often forgotten area, and makes you feel like a firefly at parties!

Gently dab any leftovers onto the cupid’s bow of your lips for more volume in that pout.

That’s it for now, if I come across anything else that I think you can’t live without then I’ll do another post.

In the meantime, stay warm, eat your vegetables, drink lots of water and treat yourself as you would a best friend. It’s amazing how much better you’ll look and feel if you start thinking of compliments rather than put downs every time you look in the mirror!


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  • I love your natural look, I also like that so much better than the trendy strong contouring that we see in social media now. I am also in my 30s and I also thing it is so much better than the 20s!!!
    Thanks for your tips in facial creams! I was also considering buying an expensive one, but I wasn’t sure if it is all just marketing!

  • The conclusion I’ll draw from this post is that I need to go and spend a few (or several) pennies on Estée Lauder!

  • It’s seems like everyone I read/watch is going through a massive YSL phase 🙂

  • The slow pace

    I can’t agree with you more on the YSL cushion foundation! I don’t know why it isn’t more popular, but I think it’s amazing. I’m now on my third refill (how clever it is that you can buy refills?)
    By the way, yay for Autumn!

  • I love love the outfit! Great tips and I agree, I am so much happier than I was in my early 20s. xxx

  • Ooh mi love thank you for all these recs, my skin taken a bit of a blow (quite literally) with colds and general seasonal changes. I definitely think general TLC with lots of veggies, warming meals, water and sleep is the best way. Immy x

  • Rach

    I can’t stop obsessing over your chunky knit cardigan! It looks so cozy!!

  • S. M. Anne

    What a lovely post! I can’t wait to try some of these recommendations. If I may ask, what’s your skin type? As sensitive/combo type myself, I always want to double check before trying new products.
    Thanks 🙂

  • I love that you usually have a natural face for most of your posts! I dread wearing makeup. Being a former competitive dancer, I wore plenty of it growing up to make me sort of sick of it. However, I had my makeup done for my wedding day and absolutely loved it.

    I’m nearing 30 and I’m trying to take better care of my skin. Thanks for the recommendations!

  • LOVE this cardigan!

  • The Ordinary is GOLD. Life changing GOLD. I highly recommend getting the Buffet serum. My skin is perfection with it. So good that I’ve stopped wearing any foundation

  • Love these pics and adore Creme de la mer everything!

  • Heather Thompson Potts

    Isn’t that a beautiful idea, to think of compliments instead of putdowns when looking in the mirror. Thanks for using your voice to cultivate positivity!

  • Suzie Appleton


    Your search options will only search certain posts and not go all the way back. Why? 🙁 Trying to find a particular post quickly and it won’t show that far back. x

  • You MUST try the NARS Creamy Concealer. I’ve been using it for years and can’t imagine stepping out of my house without it.

  • ella ryder

    Love the last bit about feeling more confident. You look beautiful!

    Ella xx

  • I love jo Malone’s products sooo much!!
    Miki x

  • Molly the Bean

    I feel the same way about turning 30. The 20s are way over-hyped, in my opinion. I’m having more fun now that I’m 31 than I’ve ever had before. Anyway, you look lovely! Thanks for the beauty post, I’m always looking for new things to play with.

  • Elisabeth

    Dear Rosie!

    May I ask which size this beautiful knit is?
    Not sure which size to order..
    Many thanks for your help

    xxx Lilly