The Other Naughty Piglet

Victoria has yet another jewel in its crown.

Rapidly emerging as the new foodie hub of central London, restaurants are popping up like mushrooms.

This particular little spot is well worth a quick mention from me and an immediate visit from you.

The Other Naughty Piglet.

Little sister to Brixton’s Naughty Piglets, this one is co-owned by the chefs and Andrew Loyd Webber, who’s theatre plays host to the restaurant.

You’ll find it upstairs.

Brushed copper, hip light bulbs, subway tiles and empty wine bottles decorate the space.

Colour by numbers for all of London’s new restaurant openings but it looks nice, if a little empty.

The menu changes often and you’ll be told the dishes are designed to share.

My favourite kind of eating, as it means I can try some of almost everything!

Starting with crispy coated, fluffy and creamy croquettes.

Datterini tomatoes, feta and togarashi (Togarashi is a Japanese spice blend of Sichuan pepper, dried citrus peel, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, hemp seeds, ginger, garlic, shiso, and nori.)

The combination of this, the cold salty feta and exquisitely ripe summer tomatoes elevates this simple dish to something truly spectacular.

Don’t judge a book by it’s contents page!

Our sharing dishes arrived slowly, giving us time to enjoy each one on its own merit.

Burrata and confit onions, topped with crispy ones.

You can’t go wrong with burrata.

Devon crab, peanut, pickled cabbage and yuzu.

An unexpected twist on a classic British ingredient. Fresh, exciting, delicious.

XO linguine with a cured egg yolk, aching to be burst and mixed into the pasta…

I was more than happy to oblige!

My favourite dish of the night.

Cod, bonito butter, girolles and courgettes.

Delicate, buttery, beautiful combination of fresh flavours.

All topped off with BBQ pork belly, sesame and Korean spices.

A journey around the world in one night!

The food is truly spectacular, let down only a little by the wine – they only sell natural wines and the two or three we tried were eye wateringly harsh.

None the less, worth a visit either for a quiet date or taking visiting parents out for a shared supper. The lack of atmosphere might make it awkward for a bouncier group.

Find them at The Other Palace and follow booking instructions here.

Great for a trip to the theatre while you’re there, all you have to do is pop downstairs! Check out what’s on here.

Floral mini dress

Pink suede bag // Pink velvet shoes

And in the end “this little piglet ran all the way home”.

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  • I love the name of that place lol

  • ninegrandstudent

    This is firmly on my go-to list!

  • zldn

    This sounded great until I read that they only do natural wines; I’m yet to try one that doesn’t have hints of barnyard to it…not something I personally think pairs well with food!

  • The food looks amazing!

  • I love the sounds of the food. What a shame about the wine, although it sounds like the food may make up for it! x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

  • Don’t know why you do this to us! What an amazing place. Food looks great, your hair looks more beautiful every single day and you still keep a great figure whilst enjoying the nice food.
    What’s your secret? haha x

    The Lisa’s World

  • This looks so yummy! x

  • Kelly

    This place really does look and sound amazing!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • After all those pictures of tasty looking food, this may be a bit of a strange comment, but I *love* that staircase! That’s interior design porn right there!

    Also Rosie, loving that there are a few more London based posts coming out now 🙂


  • The food looks delicious (and colourful!) and I adore your little floral dress!!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  • “Burrata and confit onions, topped with crispy ones.” Um…this sounds so good. Extra crispy ones for me, please!

  • This looks absolutely darling and super close to me, the weekend beckons for new tasty treats.