Wedding Dress Shopping, London

Thanks to too many soppy movies, old family stories and Pinterest, wedding dress shopping has become something of a right of passage in many women’s lives.

The idea of your nearest and dearest sinking into plush sofas, glass of champagne in hand, wiping away a small tear as you emerge in “The One” is something I’ve had since I was little and remember doing just that with my big sister. Perhaps the first time I ever cried with something other than sadness* was seeing my heroine emerge in a pale pink cloud of tule, twirling in front of huge age speckled mirrors, gold mane of curls tumbling over her shoulders while mum looked on enraptured.

*Tears of joy are now a regular feature in my life, I wept buckets when meeting each of my nieces and nephew for the first time, and now even a good greeting card will get me going! 

I thought it only fair that while mum was in town we go and try on a dress or two, so we went to Browns Bride.

Where we were greeted with warm smiles and chilled champagne.

Which we soon abandoned in favour of other sparkles…

Diving into a sea of tule, embroidery, beading and silk.

Delicate, frothy creations floating along every wall.

With no idea what style I wanted, Parisa brought a selection.

Starting with the creation made of tumbling blossom…

Galia Lahav’s “Arabella” dress.

Covered in delicate flowers, crystals and lace. The clever illusion sleeves make it seem as though the blossom twirls around your arms like a Disney princess caught in a breeze.

Next, something a little simpler.

Monique Lhuillier’s “Gracen” dress. 

The most beautiful light silk, gathered to look as though it’s just been draped and pinned around you.

Perfect in it’s perceived simplicity.

Now, wedding dress shopping wouldn’t be quite the same without a few clucking hens!

One of my favourite people, Rosanna, also got engaged quite recently (she is way further ahead with planning than I am, having booked the church, venue and every hotel within 10miles almost immediately! She’s my motivation.) we thought it would be fun to try on our first dresses together.

Particularly fun as we have different styles, my poof combined with her boho vibe couldn’t have been more perfect, just look at this…

Galia Lahav’s “Lauren” dress. 

A sheer mermaid dress made entirely of silk tulle and hand embroidered blooms. 

Just so beautiful on Rosanna’s delicate frame.

While I slipped into another option, the others chattered away about engagement stories and wedding plans.

Mira Zwillinger’s “Sophia” dress. 

Silk tulle and applique. 

Light as a feather, perfect for a destination wedding I think.

Though perhaps a little distracting for someone with my… figure.

I’ve always loved the idea of long sleeves on a wedding dress, so tried Monique Lhuillier’s “Rhapsody”.

While R poured on another gorgeous barely there beaded number.

Galia Lahav’s “Harper”.

Can you imagine how fabulous it would look glittering away on the dancefloor?

Or this train from Lahav’s “Kiera” dress?

While Rosanna practiced her twirls, I stepped into a whirlwind of tule.

Marchesa’s Rosette.

Does anyone do romance quite like Marchesa?

Still not sure about the plunging neckline I asked for something a little more traditional, and was introduced to Monique Lhuillier’s “Tresor”.

It wasn’t until we added a veil that the waterworks started!

Suddenly it all felt so real and that perhaps we weren’t just little girls playing dress up after all.

Not that the grown-up feeling lasted long, you understand…

Rosanna felt just the same when adding a veil.

And the sass just kept on coming once a tiara was introduced!

We looked on while R slipped into one final creation.

Ines Di Santo’s “Madrid”.

Complete with the most beautiful sleeves and lace detailing.

Divine on Rosanna’s teeny tiny waist.

With one last trick up her sleeve, Parisa brought out the ultimate show stopper.

Romona Keveza’s “RK7496”, ironic that it should have the least romantic name! 

We had an absolute ball trying on dream dresses, we shed a few tears and tried to breathe it all in, keen to savour every memory (as fingers crossed we only do this once!)

While we may not have found “The One” just yet, we know the hunt will be a fun one!

And if there’s one thing I know for certain, this one…

…is going to make the most beautiful bride.

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  • Aurora Sage

    That 2nd Dress looked thoroughly gorgeous on you , Modern and yet classic at the same time.. stunning.. but you would look great in a garbage bag too.. Blessed be. 🙂

  • Wow that Sophia dress shows what an amazing figure you have! You look stunning in all of them. I remember trying on dresses for my wedding and when they put the veil on me, I couldn’t stop tears from arriving either! It’s the most magical feeling x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

  • Cibele Porto

    Hi Rosie,

    you are going to be an utterly beautiful bride.
    BTW the Monique Lhuillier’s “Gracen” dress is perfect for you!

  • Rosie these dresses are gorgeous! I’m planning my wedding at the moment too but haven’t gotten around to dress shopping just yet. I’m so excited to start though 🙂

    Kayleigh x

  • Michelle Joseph

    You look absolutely stunning Rose! I’m so excited for you!

    Mich x

  • These dresses are gorgeous! 🙂

  • Ahh I love these dresses! You look amazing in them and I particularly like the Sophia (it could always be tailored to be a little less distracting right?) I had the same thing with the veil – although it was my auntie who cried, I didn’t get a single tear out of my blooming mum who was practically cracking out the clipboard and taking detailed notes on sizes, materials etc…!! Good luck in the hunt for the one, I know you’ll look stunning whatever you choose! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

  • Aw I cried a little just looking at these photos. You both look like princesses! Cheers to you both! I wish you the best! What ever dress is “The One” you both will make stunning brides. Much love. ♥


  • Oh my goodness those dresses are all gorgeous! I remember wedding dress shopping with my mom and we both teared up when I found the perfect dress. It just so happened to be the very first dress I tried on. Of course I tried on a ton of others but kept going back to it. Happy wedding dress hunting! I know you will find something incredibly gorgeous!

  • You will be stunning in whatever you choose. Wishing you and your Mr a lifetime of fun, happiness, and memories.

  • Adrienne Reid

    OMG, what a treat it is to see such gorgeous dresses on two very beautiful ladies! The brides-to-be look like they stepped out of a fairy tale. The pictures are stunning!

  • Alex Cole

    Can’t wait to see what you pick, you look divine in everything! I have no business dreaming of wedding gowns at this point in my life but I just can’t help it now
    Alex //

  • OMG Rosie! I don’t know, but you really have the most beautiful dekolleté. That Mira Zwillinger’s “Sophia” dress, looks amazing on you. But I also love the Monique Lhuillier’s “Gracen” dress. You know what? Just buy two or three dresses. One for the cocktai, one for the wedding party and one to say “YES, I DO!” 😀 xoxo

  • Victoria L George

    Riki Dalal or Berta bridal would look fab on you Rosie xx

  • Absolutely gorgeous!!! ohh if I could go back in time and go through the entire wedding process… It is such an exciting moment in your life. So many decisions to be made – but all fun decisions! Enjoy every second of it! x michelle

  • Joules

    Can’t wait to see what you pick! I love the shapes you’re going for–fitted in the bust and poofy on the bottom.

    Also I’m the same way–I used to make fun of my mom for crying at commercials, and now I’m just like her!

    Style by Joules

  • Savannah
  • Kate



  • Oh boy… would that I could afford a Monique L’Huiller. They are all stunning but I’ve dreamed of her dresses ever since ‘A Cinderella Story’ came out. Wonderful post.

  • They are all absolutely stunning I’m so envious, as I never got to do the whole dress or big wedding as we got married in secret and an old summer dress was all I had lol… You are both going to make stunning brides, enjoy every minute and I’m looking forward to following your journey.
    Heather xx

  • Sepideh

    This was so dreamy. Reminds me of wedding dress shopping (can’t believe that it was only last summer.. time FLIES!)
    You both look beautiful in all of them!

    I agree that wedding dress shopping is something very special. My dad even came and was SO sweet (maybe even more attentive than my Mom ..!) He would arrange the dress so that I could get a good visual….so sweet…..
    Cherish these moments Rosie! At least you have your blogposts to look back on as a diary of memories!! Thank you for taking us along. As someone who has been reading your blog for years, it’s really fun to feel part of the process with you. So happy for you!

  • Angie

    The Gracen dress is just stunning on you! You’re going to be a gorgeous bride!

  • Britt Elen

    Woah !! ‘Harper’ looks absolutely stunning on Rosanna.
    Also.. I have a small chest myself, and never really dare to wear tops/dresses with plunging necklines, but seeing Rosanna in these dresses seriously makes me reconsider my wardrobe.

    I’m 200% sure you are going to look fabulous on your wedding Rosie, I’m curious for ‘The One’ already 😀

  • Theodora Gould

    I’m biased but I think you’ll make the most beautiful bride. Can’t wait to cry for you in your wedding day. XXX

  • Mary Fremeau

    You and your friend looked seriously beautiful in ALL OF THEM! You couldn’t go wrong with any of them. You’ll be the prettiest bride, girl!

  • kait rose

    HAha! I thought the same about it being distracting. That made me laugh 🙂 You look gorgeous.

  • kait rose

    HA! I thought the same about it being distracting. That made me laugh. You look gorgeous 🙂

  • Jana K.

    You got me with the RK7496. From all the dresses shown above, this was the one that said “Rose” to me. <3 Jana K.

  • love the sophia dress on you!

  • The final dress is definitely my favourite – the back with all those folds are simply amazing! Love it so much. It reminds me of a Zac Posen dress.


  • Leslie Skibo

    You look stunning in every one! My daughter found her “one” at Phillipa Lesley on Fullham Road. The people there were so helpful and creative especially since my daughter lives in Geneva and we live in the US. Highly recommend them. Enjoy the journey!

  • I’m not a fan of marriage but I’m a big fan of fashion and most of these dresses are just stunning! I definitely love the second dress on you and Rosanna’s dresses all looked amazing on her too

  • WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW every single dress looks so beautiful on you! <3



  • You and your friend looked drop dead gorgeous in all of those!

  • Rosie the pair of you make the most BEAUTIFUL brides. That last dress is absolutely stunning on you and I love how the blue of your ring stands out so much against the white dress (and your tan)! I hope that you share some pictures of your wedding with us because I know that they’re going to be incredible. Lots of love xxx

  • Melissa

    Hi Rosie! This is the first I’ve commented on your blog, but I just wanted to add to the “oohs” and “aahs” I’m sure you’re receiving from around the world. This entire post was simply stunning!! It rekindled memories of my own wedding dress shopping with my mother, so thank you for inspiring the trip down memory lane! My favorite of the dresses that Rosanna tried on is “Madrid” – it’s timeless and classic on her svelte figure. Although I love “Tresor” because it’s fun, flirty, and feminine, which seems to be a good representation of your personality, I have to echo some of the other comments and vote for the last one pictured. You look like a princess in that gown, and every girl deserves to be a princess on her special day! Sending hugs and lots of well-wishes from the States!!

  • So fun you could try the dresses together. All so gorgeous but definitely with you on not opting for a low cut wedding dress!