Pedi and Beyond, Symi

When we arrived on Symi the weather was beautiful, but not quite the scorching Greek temps we’ve grown accustomed to over the years.

This changed rapidly! By the end of the trip it was almost too hot to have breakfast outside.

Don’t worry, we soldiered on through.

Feasting on thick, homemade Greek yogurt, local honey that tastes like orange, thyme and lavender, flakey pastries, fresh fruit and strong black coffee.

Looking out over the utterly unique Symi bay, reflected in the water below.

We decided to explore a little town we’d heard a lot about during our time on the island, Pedi.

The quieter alternative to Symi town itself (which we couldn’t really imagine, given how sleepy our little patch was!)

But of course they were absolutely right. What Pedi lacks in polish, it makes up for in charm.

Pastel houses leading down to pastel boats, dancing on the shoreline.

We explored the little ghost town, coming across the occasional soul – all of whom were local or hairy.

Or both…

Delighting in the bright, bold colours favoured by the islanders.


Yellow playsuit (also comes in a divine swimsuit)

Sandals // Basket 

We toured the coloured houses, complete with pretty pink creepers.

(The plants, not us.)

Befriended a few fishermen and their mum, with big smiles and the few Greek greetings we could muster.

They soon went back to their tasks and we wandered on like happy stray cats after a friendly scratch from a stranger.

It struck us that the houses and even the fishing boats here look more like children’s drawings of houses and fishing boats than the real thing.

Colours plucked straight from a new packet of crayons.


We stopped on the shore for a drink in the shade.

Before mustering up the energy to get to our next spot.

A pretty little bay, hidden up over the closest hill and down in the valley beyond.

We braved the heat and set off along the red dirt road.

Flanked by fragrant Greek herbs.

Leading all the way down to the glowing sea.

About 20 minutes later, we caught sight of our prize.

St. Nicholas bay.

One of the few sandy beaches on Symi, we opted instead for a spot on the cliff.

Better for jumping, you see!

Off the shoulder bikini

After the long hot walk, there’s nothing quite like that first plunge into crystal clear water.

We swam, jumped and played for the rest of the morning.

Taking the occasional iced cappuccino break.

Coffee is something of a religion in Greece.

They like it strong and brewing it is an art form. If a Greek invites you for coffee, write off your afternoon. You’ll be there for some time!

Everything down to the stirring of it, while sitting comfortably looking out onto a doubtlessly beautiful view, is part of the sacred ritual.

My personal order? “Freddo cappuccino sketo”. (Iced cappuccino with no sugar.) If you like yours a little sweet (delicious especially as the coffee can be really pretty strong) ask for “freddo cappuccino metrio”. 

Efharisto” is thank you. 

Hopefully that should help for that Greek adventure I know you’re planning!

With that you should be ready to jump right in.

We grabbed a simple lunch on the beach.

And wasted the afternoon reading our books.

“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted.”

Back in our little town we watched the sun set from the far side of the bay. Grabbing a delicious supper from Tholos, a taverna right on the water.

Tarama, tsatziki, octopus salad, stuffed aubergine.

Feta baked in pastry and drizzled in honey.

Followed by ice-cream with tahini.

We sat back and finished our pudding, watching the lights come on and the bay shimmer back into life after the grey of dusk.

We walked home, arm in arm along the shore.

Completely rejuvenated after a wonderful adventure together.

More in love with Greece than ever before.

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  • It reminds me of my time in Malta last year, and makes me sooooo missing the holidays 🙂

  • I wish here in the UK we would make more of an effort to paint all our houses – everywhere looks so fresh in Greece just by being coated in a lick of blue and white! I guess there’s a reason why, back in London, we all love the candy coloured houses of Notting Hill – they have so much character!


  • Peppermint Dolly

    Beautiful photos Rosie! Also, thanks for mentioning the playsuits swimmer counterpart – I love it!! A must for my hollybops!! 🙂


  • It looks absolutely dreamy there! I love Greece and am desperate to go back!

    Lynnsay x

  • Laura Torninoja

    What an absolutely gorgeous place! I’ve never been to Greece but it’s been on my list for years – in my head it’s a place where everything is super colourful, and your pictures are definitely confirming that! I think that little blue and white boat is my favourite <3 xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • Rach

    What a beautiful place! It does look like a children’s drawing there! So cute!

  • Alex Cole

    Your travel photos are absolutely divine! Every time you go somewhere I find myself adding the location to my bucket list.

  • Absolutely stunning photos Rosie!

  • So charming, Symi seems to have a laid-back glamour.

    xx Raquel

  • Cynthia

    Your legs look amazing in that romper!

  • Suzanne Miller

    Another beautiful post – I always adore a little desk-side mini vacation, compliments of you! So, here’s my question: you always get the best table in the house! What is your secret? Do you go right when they open? I feel like I always get stuck at some horrid table in the back with no view, even when I have a reservation. And of course I’m always super polite and sweet. Any tips for snagging a lovely table every single time are much appreciated! XOXO

  • Oooh how the sea calls my name when I’m not near it. This 30 degree heat is tough on my 9 months pregnant body and I’d love to submerge myself in the deep blue. I guess it will have to be a pool day instead though!

  • JB

    “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted.” I LOVE that. I’m heading to Spain this weekend and this is now my mantra for my impending vacation! Thank you for sharing your adventures. How lovely!

  • Your trip to Greece is just so BEAUTIFUL! I love all your outfits and your photos are giving me such wanderlust! I particularly love your off shoulder bikini!


  • Konika Datta

    the place is so beautiful and pretty especially those coloured houses and the shore. i really want to visit that place one day.