Gordes, Provence

Oh my Gordes! Will you look at that view?

No, that is not the first nor the last time I’ll be making that joke.

As you see I now plan to re-visit Gordes as many times as humanly possible before I eventually pop my clogs.

The approach to the little hilltop commune is an experience in itself.

The sort of place you really have to stop and take it all in.

Having taken the scenic route, we arrived at the hotel and had something of a snoop while they sorted the room.

All stone floors, library walls, velvet sofas and Persian rugs, La Bastide de Gordes is quite utterly unique.

It is one of the few hotels I have ever visited which has managed the tricky balance of old and authentic with true comfort and airiness.


We checked into what felt like our own bedroom in a friend’s country house, complete with upholstered walls and hunting prints galore.

Before almost immediately abandoning it in favour of the outdoors.

Which wasn’t too shabby either.

The “yep, this’ll do!” face ^

Having seen our new digs we raced into town to see more of the famous sandstone place which has stolen so many hearts.

Fans of “A Good Year” may recognise this courtyard.

Sadly Russel wasn’t around for me to sit on his knee, a la Cotillard.

But I found a pretty good spot nonetheless.

Floppy hat

Button up dress – also check out this one!

Bamboo clutch // Leather sandals

With no cars to bother us, we strolled through the little narrow streets.

Past shops, restaurants and bars.

Into the church, which while beautiful in a very simple way outside, made us gasp as we walked inside.

Every inch covered in the most beautiful pastel paints, prints and frescos.

Quite unlike any church we’ve seen before.

The streets around Gordes are hilly, uneven, and flooded with flowers.

It is every bit the Provencal dream.

We wandered around with nowhere particular in mind, just taking it all in and taking it very easy indeed.

We bought a few treats for people at home.

And took a table on the hotel’s terrace for a few treats of our own.

Chilled buratta with tomatoes and a balsamic basil pesto.

Fish with veggies, and a steak the size of his head for my chap.

All snoozed off beside the pool.

Blue white swimsuit

(If your size isn’t instock, change the country in the top right)

Fully rested and revitalised, we slipped into our glad rags just as the sun slipped down to kiss the hilltops.

Blue & white dress (in the sale!) // Sandals

Ready for a pre-wedding party to remember!

What a Gordgeous day.

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  • This hotel looks like a gorgeous french dream. And that pool!! Stunning. I love that yellow dress – I wish I would have seen that earlier because it would have been the perfect dress to wear to Zanzibar. Since its a muslim island, its best to keep your knees & shoulders covered. But when its so hot – you need a lightweight dress like this! thanks for sharing! michelle


  • The combination of views and weather, and food is just breathtaking 🙂

  • Dreeeeeeamy! A Good Year is one of my favourite films, I am V jel! Looks like such a lovely day, all I want is a cool glass of rose, buratta and a snooze by the pool now. OOFT. Immy x


  • Alexandra Donnelly

    I’m going to the south of France in less than a month and this post just got me so excited!! Looks so wonderful x

  • Peppermint Dolly

    Beautiful photos, the whole place looks stunning! Also, hello to that buratta dish – nom!


  • Alex Cole

    Beautiful! You’re going to have to give us all a tutorial on how you capture the swish of your skirt in photos 🙂
    Alex // preppybeancounter.blogspot.com

  • Kblossoms

    The architecture in Provence looks beautiful, would love to visit there one day http://www.kblossoms.com

  • kaitrose

    You must not have liked the front of the suite? 😉

  • Looks like you’ve just found paradise!


  • OMG this view is amazing!!
    Miki xx


  • WOW! the views from the Restaurant are just amazing!