Tandoor Chop House, London

All Brits love Indian food.

It’s a contract you sign at birth. Once you’ve been weighed and measured the doctor hands you a tiny quill, which you use to sign a proclamation saying you’ll forever discuss the weather at length, solve all problems with a strong cup of tea, enjoy the beach in all weather conditions, say “sorry” incessantly and partake in the occasional curry.

It’s no wonder then, that up-market Indian restaurants are taking London by storm.

You only have to have walked past the queue for Dishoom on a Saturday night to know it’s true.

Queuing is not my favourite pastime, so I was rather excited to hear people hailing Tandoor Chop House as “the new Dishoom”.

Blue cashmere jumper // White silk shirt

Gingham trousers

Blue tweed bag // Blue ballet flats

Just off the Strand, it’s in easy reach for city types and gallery-goers alike.

The posh navy & gold exterior drawing them in like moths to a flame.

Pull up a pew and start with cocktails.

There’s a whole section dedicated to G&Ts if you’re feeling particularly patriotic.

The decor is hip and the place doesn’t stay quiet for long, filling up rapidly around 1pm.

We started with an assault on the “snack” menu.


IPA battered & spiced squid and prawns, chilli chutney.

Tasty and tender.

Seekh kebab roll, green chutney & pomegranate.

Punchy flavours, the sort of thing you could do with after a night on the tiles… but distinctly prettier.

Dexter beef dripping keema naan, green chilli & yoghurt.

My personal favourite. A twist on mince on toast, but so much better.

All followed by the main event…

Tandoor cauliflower chaat.

Amritsari crispy lamb chops.

Just bloody fantastic. Rich, spicy, salty, tender, excellent.

Green masala pollock.

Beautifully fragrant and light.

Steaming black dahl.

Perfect for dunking naans (be sure to have the green chilli, garlic & cheese naan).

This place offers more than your average curry. Impressive flavours, great ingredients brought together into beautiful dishes.

It’s great, and most importantly you can book a table!

Do so online, check it out for lunch or a long boozy supper with friends.

The location is tip-top if you’re visiting London, too.

Step out and you’re in prime wandering territory. Stroll through the streets and head over to The National Gallery, Trafalgar Sq and onto Queenie’s joint (B Palace).

Or just get out and enjoy the sunshine in the park.

The perfect British day out.

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  • Looks so so yummy !! Have you ever been to the “secret” (speakeasy) Indian bar called Bar Naan in Paris? It’s in the Strasbourg-Saint Denis area, really cool inside and yummy cocktails ! xxx


  • The Seekh kebab roll and beef dripping keema naan look AMAZING!! Yum

  • Coorrrr I love a cuzza. I have found myself in a Dishoom queue many a time, it is just so damn good. My pops would love this place, we are always hanging around these parts when he comes up to the galleries! Also, how amazing are your gingham trousers?! Immy x


  • This all looks so fresh and delicious, a lovely take on one of my favourite cuisines as Indian can be a little heavy sometimes. Would love to try the vegetarian options!

    I love the outfit too, I always forget that a jumper can be an accessory too!


  • Lol I’m always the first to comment… Anyway, London weather looks so happy at this time of year! And looks to have something for all foodies… Indian or burgers…


  • I’ve heard so many good things about the lamb chops here, mainly from other British Indians so really glad you posted this! I need to try them asap. Also that cauliflower chaat is so unusual! I’ve never seen it, something I definitely need to try putting together at home!

    Thanks Rosie!


    • That’s exactly what I was thinking Reena. Is it just me or does the fresh green chutney make the cauliflower chaat look so appealing? If you find the perfect recipe you’ll have to let me know somehow.

  • Laura Torninoja

    You just made me the happiest girl in the world by saying that you can actually book a table! Yay! I love Dishoom too but I’m definitely not about that queuing life either – glad to here that this place is equally good! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • Holly

    Mmm this sounds so yummy, it’s been on my list for a while but I may just have to book today after seeing this 🙂

    Holly x

  • This place looks so yummy! Next time I’m in London I’m going to go exclusively to all of your recommendations and eat tons of good food!



  • That is quite a feast, yum!


  • Yessica Maria Tauta

    Love this post!! definitely giving this place a try at the weekend! thanks for the tip

    Yessica x


  • Melissa

    Looks delicious

  • ninegrandstudent

    Oh, this looks like they might have some interesting tomato-free options, so I’ll definitely be contacting them soon!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

  • Taylor Cannon

    This sounds so delicious! Definitely adding this to my list of places to visit 🙂
    Taylor | http://www.livingtaylored.com

  • This looks fantastic, thank you so much for sharing! Putting it on my list for sure 🙂