Plaza de España, Seville

Some of my oldest friends just got married in Seville.

Isn’t that the best?

When friends fall in love. It skips so much of what dating has become, there are no games, no playing hard to get, no-one pretends to be something they’re not – only to end up disappointing each other, they go into it with their eyes wide open, they see each other for who they truly are and take them as they are.

Of course the stakes are high.

If it doesn’t work out you don’t just lose a lover, you lose a friend, and those are valuable.

But as with all risks, the bigger the stakes the bigger the pay off!

When it works, it works.

And to be on the sidelines watching it all come together is pretty special too. Especially when it involves a wedding!

The celebrations began with a brunch to welcome everyone to the city.

We could have had a nice little lie in, maybe read the papers in bed, but with a city out there just begging to be explored, I couldn’t let it go to waste!

We dressed for the party but left early to watch the sun rise over Plaza de España.

A little keen, we arrived before the sun and waited patiently for it to peek over the building tops.

It wasn’t long before the square started to glow,

bathing the surrounding towers in gold.

And the sun burst above the rooftops, glittering through the bell tower and bringing the square to life.

Off the shoulder striped dress

Chosen from Avenue 32’s beautifully curated “wedding guest” selection – I’ve popped a few more picks below

Pom-pom basket bag

Embroidered flats

If you’re headed to a day wedding or event this summer, I can’t recommend a beautiful pair of flats enough.

You never know how long you’ll be standing for, whether it’ll be on grass, how far you’ll have to walk.

And you can always re-style them with jeans and a tee when you’re off duty agin! (As I did here.)

The ceramics at Plaza de España are enough to make even the most hardened of traveller weak at the knees.

The square is the size of 5 football pitches, and plastered with azulejos – traditional painted tiles.

As someone who obsesses over all things blue and white, and is having something of a yellow moment, I was like a pig faced with a vast and very muddy puddle.

During the day the square fills ups quickly and is one of the most visited spots in the city.

Particularly during Holy Week when the whole world flocks to Spain.

But if you go early enough, you can have the place to yourself.

Only shared with a few of the cab drivers, polishing up for a busy day ahead.

The edge of the square is lined with ceramic alcoves, each dedicated to a different Spanish province.

Be sure to stroll along the edge and choose your favourite.

Peer over the pretty porcelain bridges, while people swan about on rented boats beneath you.

And buy a fan to keep you cool as things start to heat up!

All tiled out and with the square warming and crowding up, we set off.

Just a couple of wedding guests, off to watch a Civil Seville Ceremony.

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  • Frida

    This is stunning! And, I am also a bit obsessed with the white & blue combo. And currently into all things yellow. This reminds me that I need to visit Spain , like – yesterday!

    • Rosie

      Great minds think alike, Frida! If you’re as into blue & white as I am, Seville is heaven! And the final place we stayed (more pics on my insta) is a total DREAM!

  • The slow pace

    I’ve been so looking forward to your Sevillian posts since I saw you were there on Instagram! My wife comes from that wonderful city and since we started dating (back in 2001!) Seville has become one of my favourite places in the world and my second home. Glad to get to revisit it through your eyes!

    • Rosie

      It really is so beautiful! Lucky you to call it your second home! x

  • Beautiful beautiful pictures as always. I think Spain is so underrated, we have an apartment there and have found some places that are as nice as anywhere I’ve ever traveled to even when going much further afield. And of course, we come back with pretty ceramics pretty much each time we go.
    I have just clicked the link for those flats and am so so tempted…
    Farah x

    • Rosie

      I couldn’t agree more, Farah! Totally underrated and passed off as all being like the “Costa Del Sol” – which also has some uhmazing parts!
      Defo need to do some more exploring now I’m old enough to appreciate it all properly! xx

      • LauraCrosby

        I recommend going to Murcia on the “Costa Del Sol” out of season. I went around Feb/March time and there are some absolutely spectacular old buildings, churches, abandoned buildings from the Spanish Civil War and all sorts. Cartagena was particularly beautiful, the bay around La Manga at that time of year is so tranquil and the sunsets were spectacular. I was expecting it to be a bit on the ‘chavvy’ side but it really blew me away.

  • I’ve always always wanted to go to Seville. Travel more through Spain, actually, as Barcelona just isn’t enough! Your pictures are beautiful (as always), and I’m very impressed that you managed to get up BEFORE sunrise on holiday. That’s a feat unto itself!

    I’m also so happy for you that you got to watch two friends fall in love and, eventually, marry. There’s nothing more heart-pleasing, is there? What a beautiful trip and a beautiful thing to see! Looking forward to seeing more pictures and more about your travels.

    Eire | Wolf & Stag

    • Rosie

      I hope my posts will edge it a little hire on your bucket list, it really is a beautiful city – particularly at this time of year!

  • Wow it looks so beautiful! X

  • How lucky you are to be wearing a Gul Hurgel! I love all of this season’s dresses.
    Beautiful photography and location. I am amazed there haven’t been any people around!
    Love from

    • Rosie

      Such a talented designer, the fabric feels so light and breezy. I can’t wait to wear it in Greece later in the year when it’s REALLY hot! x

  • Rach

    The architecture and tile designs there are beautiful!! I can’t wait to visit there. Your dress is darling!

  • Rosie

    Thanks Mia! Can’t beat a cold shoulder! 😉

  • Eve

    I studied and lived in Seville last year and your posts have made me miss it so much! I want to be sipping sangria in Sevilla once more! Love your blog + insta! xx

  • Julia Engel

    Maybe one of my favorite blog posts of all time (right after the one with your fam in the orchard)! I love the colors- so YOU! xx Jules

  • Mayra Nunez

    AH this made me so nostalgic!! I studied abroad in Sevilla in 2009 and was there last year with my family to show them all the spots I used to hang out in. They were in awe when they went to la Plaza de Espana- it’s magnificent! I’m not sure if you’re still there, but would love to see some of your artsy pics at the Alcazar or the square outside the cathedral. Or at barrio Santa Cruz! And of course, a Flamenco show! Have fun!!

  • Seville is beautiful. Plaza de España is actually my favorite place in Spain. I’ve travelled a lot and I still haven’t seen anything quite like it.
    Happy weekend, Rosie!

  • Rebekah

    How do you edit your photos? x

  • Rosie you look stunning! Such a beautiful variety of dresses! I love Spain, full of character and you really do fit in nicely with the stunning scenery 🙂

    Laura xo

  • Eliza

    Wow. Everything about this post is too gorgeous for words. Your dress could not be more coordinated with the setting! I had no idea Seville was so pretty! Thank you for sharing.

  • Love the dress! The lace ruffles are beautiful <3


  • This place looks magical 🙂

  • This dress is absolutely beautiful, as are these photos of Seville! I was in Spain over Semana Santa as well, it is such a lovely time to visit!

    Lynnsay x

  • LauraCrosby

    This blog post looks like a Dolce & Gabbana ad! So beautiful!

  • Your dress is amazing 🙂

    Miki xx

  • These shots are absolutely beautiful. What wonderful memories you must have made x