The Borrower

London weather doesn’t get any more miserable than what January throws at us.

It is by far the most depressing month of the year, but the good news is that once you’re through it things can only get better!

The very best way to get through the month that never seems to end?

Lock yourself away somewhere warm, dry and cosy…

Yep, this’ll do nicely!

A lazy morning spent avoiding the rain at The Artist Residence.

I’m an old fashioned girl, with old fashioned tastes after all.

A good cup of coffee, soft sheets, the weekend papers, a collaborative go at the crossword.

And his shirt.

I’m always borrowing his things.

Big squidgy jumpers made from cashmere that feels softer than any of mine (why is that?), scarves, watches, jeans, chips, you name it.

And there’s not much better than an oversized shirt to wander around in on the weekends.

But now I have something he wants to borrow too…

A unisex perfume that’s deep, sexy, warm, spicy, but complex.

Yea, it’s your dream beau in a bottle!

SJP Stash

Fresh top notes of grapefruit zest, black pepper and sage mingle with middle notes of cedarwood atlas, patchouli, ginger lily and pistachio with dry notes of olibanum, massoia wood, vetiver and musk.

He loves it as much as I do, and it smells different on everyone who wears it.

Even if we share, it feels like a different scent on him.

Warm, comforting, sensual.

Just the thing for a cold grey winter!

Of course room service helps too.

Individual trays piled high with favourites.

Just the thing for snuggling up and watching the rain fall outside.

Or…ahem… hogging the bed and papers for yourself!

Sarah Jessica Parker worked for years on Stash and it shows.

The name comes from keeping it secret and stashed away for all that time spent, testing, tinkering, perfecting.

I couldn’t have been more thrilled that she commissioned me to create a post around the launch.

Having experienced the cocoon effect of the scent myself, I jumped at the chance and here we are!

You can find it online here (or US here) in all shapes and sizes.

Heaven scent!

Of course if you’re sharing it won’t be long before you’re crying out for refill!

Rain over, thoroughly warmed up there was no excuse to stay indoors any longer.

Not that he was getting his shirt back, of course!

Essentials bagged up, time to head out to a very late lunch.

Wearing SJP shoes despite the weather, just for the heel of it!

Ps. For those asking, my glasses are these ones.

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  • Emma F

    The hotel looks simply gorgeous! An instagrammer’s paradise! The perfume sounds beautiful too, I must give it a sniff next time I’m out and about x

    • Rosie

      It really is so gorgeous, I’ve worn it almost every day this year! x

  • Oh such cute photos … So man precious moments captured! Always a true vision of beauty! 🙂

    ❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

    • Rosie

      Thank you Mia xx

  • I love how this looks! X

    • Rosie

      Such a beautiful spot! x

  • Little Miss Notting Hill

    This hotel room though…! The absolute DREAM! Xx

    • Rosie

      Right?! A real hidden gem. Though of course now I’ve shot myself in the foot, this room will be booked up forever! xx

  • Now I am pancakes-craving again. Thanks 😉

    • Rosie

      Pancakes all day errday! 😉 x

  • This just looks like the perfect January hide out 🙂

    Miriam x

    • Rosie

      Best excuse! x

  • Sarah

    Hi Rose,
    I love your glasses where are they from?

    • Rosie

      Sorry S, have updated the post with a little PS! xx

  • I absolutely ADORE this photo shoot! It’s so far my favourite! <3 <3 <3

    Cristina | *janded

    • Rosie

      Thanks Christina! x

  • Daniela

    Those glasses are gorgeous – where are the frames from? Thanks!

    • Rosie

      Sorry D, have updated the post with a little PS! xx

  • Manon Jenkins

    Love this post! What a beautifully designed interior!
    Where can I find your glasses? I’ve been desperately searching for a similar pair!

    • Rosie

      Sorry M, have updated the post with a little PS! xx

  • Peppermint Dolly

    Loving the SJP shoe line, so will have to check out this perfume stat!


    • Rosie

      You’ll love it, R! x

  • I adore this post! You’re such a wonderful story-teller, Rosie! I’ll definitely be checking out this scent, thanks for sharing!

    XO, Emily
    Epicurean Emily

    • Rosie

      Thanks Emily, that’s really lovely to hear x

  • Karoliina Kazi

    Gorgeous post! The artist residence looks like the perfect getaway and I will definitely be checking out that scent 🙂
    xo Karoliina |

    • Rosie

      Good plan! Let me know how you get on! x

  • claudia

    Hi Rosie,

    can I ask you more about the spectacles?



    • Rosie

      Sorry C, have updated the post with a little PS! xx

  • This post is so lovely. The hotel room is amazing & those heels are super cute.


  • Your pictures and storytelling are beautiful! Steph x

  • Such a cute post! And love the SJP pumps!

  • Love the photo shoot.Lovely interiors.

  • Tram

    I’ve been looking for a soft long plain white button up like that since forever! Where is yours from and do you have any other recommendations?

  • I love the place and your jeans! The embroidery is so beautiful.

  • Kari Guastella

    What a gorgeous place to stay! Looks so dreamy!

  • Once a man lends a shirt, you never give back hehe

    I am in dying need of somewhere like this. I hate the cold. I get chillblains which are so painful:(

  • Sandra

    Please please please, show a picture with you wearing his shirt backwards from the front side? I’ve never thought to wear a button up that way and I’m sure I’d be doing it wrong if I just wore one backwards, please give me style inspiration and know how!

  • This perfume sounds amazing 🙂

  • I like the idea of a unisex scent, borrowing is so much fun! It’d be hard to leave that room. The tub is reason enough to stay, so pretty!

  • I love love love these images!

    Sometimes a gloomy day in London makes for a happy excuse to stay indoors 🙂

    Heather x

  • I always find that I’m permitted to share most things of the boyfs except – food and drink. We’re both a little bit possessive of those things. After all they are the most important!! PS I love the interior design going on in this room! x

  • The hotel is what dreams are made of.

  • This is just so beautiful Rosie! LOVE ya boyfs shirt too, it suits ya – especially love how you styled it at the end! Looks like a gorgeous Sunday to me. Need to check out this perfume, looks right up my street! Immy x

  • Those pancakes <3
    Although, I bet by the time you'd taken all your pics they would have been cold? 🙁 Life of a blogger ey?



  • Jessica Pagán

    These photos are beyond elegant!

    ~Jessica Linn

  • Amazing post and photography.. 🙂

  • Joules

    What a fun shoot! You look gorgeous, of course, in his shirt and in yours!

    Style by Joules

  • Jenni Qian

    LOVE that shoes! The bowties make the shoes so dreamy!

  • Harrison Read

    Wow – that hotel looks lovely, a very classy and relaxed looking environment for some quality rest & relaxation! x

  • Love these shots, the hotel room looks incredible. One for the bucket list

    Mel x

  • Lovely photos as usual and the hotel looks gorgeous! I love the sound of the SJP Stash perfume, will definitely be checking it out!

    Gemma x
    The Gem Agenda